Imagine that you have bought uncomfortable shoes, they're tight and RUB, in a small size, look silly, but it cost you a tidy sum. Why did you buy them? Well, still buy... Fashionable...
the children can be the same. Are children comfortable: calm and quiet, spend hours playing boring Board games. They never lay on the floor of shopping centres, vyplakala from their parents another kinder surprise. They love to read on the first call running to wash hands, clean after itself toys, and I know in five years better English than their parents. I would call them "Pavlov's Children" - trained, neat, on the level of reflexes knowing what is and what is not. Not ashamed to show friends, to bring in the light. They love teachers and hate (with envy, of course) other mothers.
And kids can be uncomfortable. These are always audible and easy to see even from far away, burning with shame and anger, her cheeks parents. Educators recognize them from the first day, calculated as enemy spies infiltrated the group in order to bring destruction and chaos.
They almost equal the speed of light. Forever in my thoughts and fantasies. Have an opinion about everything. Don't want to sit in one place and clone plasticine animals, I don't want to sleep in a quiet hour. Ordinary actions cause they only boredom: once to wash your hands once you remove the toys – the world is so huge and so many things I still want to know.
But it all quickly get bored. The feeling that their brain works differently, so a glitch in the matrix. All children need five minutes to explore a subject, but they have enough five seconds. Some children sit on the debt and delve into the job, this just looked up, did the right thing, but its (and thus not correctly) and grabbed something else. the
Shops for them as a huge game room, which somehow wrong to touch and drop. In General, the rules they perceive as a useless obstacle, which quickly learn to cope, good strength on hysterics and breaking the will of the parent, they have a lot. They dominate the world by himself, because he's too slow, too stiff and proper. In such a world unfold. Not think another bike.
Other parents are looking at the overactive child as punishment. Sorry for the tired moms and dads. Trying to break it, to stop, to cause to obey, and sometimes they do. Do you know what unites comfortable and uncomfortable children? They all want to be loved. And if they be very scary to get emotionally defenseless child, believe that so what is it only prevents the baby breaks. One day, the fear of what mom doesn't love him and daddy to be ashamed of, will be forced to rotate the clock mechanism inside the other side. And he had to stop, from becoming awkward child the most common...
Mayakovsky wrote:
After all, if stars are lighted,
So – anyone needs it?
So someone wants them to be?"
And these overactive stars also need...
But in General, it is not inconvenient children, frightened adults who are calm, only when everything is correct and clear...
Love yourself and your children and they will tell you the same...

Startseva Galina
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