Immediately clarify that we speak about physical therapy Alexander Lowen. Trends in physical therapy a lot, and each has its own specifics. To understand the diversity of bodily practices difficult. And so today testify only bodily therapy by A. Lowen.

so, when this therapy works most effectively?

1. Depression, melancholy, resentment, anger, unexpressed anger, selfish ambition.

2. A return to the old channel, after consideration of the issues by other specialists. Person with time, as it pulls back. Person understands, sees and feels but is powerless to climb himself.

3. Running, nervousness, irritability, the feeling that not enough time, always somewhere in a hurry.

4. Hysteria, attacks of fear or panic.

5. No result of meditation. There is no effect of long-Qigong practitioner, or it is very weakly expressed.

6. The desire to prepare yourself for out of body travel, or the realization of the ineffectiveness of widely described techniques out of body travel.

7. The desire to understand what inner stillness.

8. The desire to go on creativity and creation.

sincerely, coach physical therapy, psychologist, graphologist, chief editor Eugene Kashevarov.

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