Individual approach in the upbringing of children

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somehow, watching the news, I ran into the following story:

"a Woman for the first time in 30 years have used a shower".

At the age of five years she, sliding down a water slide, afraid that her bottom is not caught by the father, and then she is thirty years could not use the water for hygiene using only a damp cloth. To get rid of fear of water, she helped hypnosis.

Reading this, I remembered the man who taught swimming, just throwing it immediately into deep open water. He swam, at least not immediately, but swallowed a lot of water and having experienced fear, but swam. And this fear did not prevent him to continue to use water.

the Fact that each person is different, no longer leaves any doubt and so any impact on the child is refracted through his individual characteristics. One child thrown into the water and he swam - and the other is scared of water, sliding down slides, and 30 years later it is not used.

the Importance of individual approach in education has paid attention to such well-known psychologists and teachers, as J. A. Komensky, K. D. Ushinsky, E. N. Vodovozova, N. To.Krupskaya, A. S. Makarenko.

Using any, the most ingenious program on children's education, you should always take into account individual characteristics. A. S. Makarenko was asked to pay special attention to the temperament of the child. He wrote:

the Objectives of the individual education lies in the definition and development of personal abilities and directions in the field of not only knowledge, but also the nature of... account of the manifestations of character and temperament is complex and must be very thin in its educational instrumentation.

I am often approached by parents wishing to alter his "wrong" children.

At the reception, a man of about 38, short-haired taut military strong, stocky physique and teenagers 13 years of age, with large dreamy eyes.

his father, a man having in his character the leading epileptic radical, above all for him rule in your life, and the right man is a strong man. The son grows "wuss". Writes poetry and dreams of playing in the theater. For men understanding of the father is wrong, but cannot get her son to engage in male sports. Paid training in freestyle wrestling, and the son was lying, that attends them, and he runs on some class performances.

his son had expressed radical demonstrative in psycho, he writes songs and poetry, writes plays, one of which they put in the acting circle, where it plays a role, and after the ninth class I would like to go to drama school.

needless to say that at this point, the father exploded and began shouting at his son that he is a disgrace to him, and if you do not want to go to a normal UNIVERSITY, then go to the army. I told my dad a metaphor:

"Here You are psychologically, as a heavyweight, and You're very good at this activity, because both physically and psychologically fit this. And You want to and Your son was a good heavyweight. But he by nature is conceived differently, for example as a basketball player.

you see, a good basketball player is no worse than a good lifter, they are just different and each good in their field. Of course, as it depends on You now, both psychologically and financially, You can try to "break" and make him a mediocre heavyweight. But neither he nor You become more happy.

But if he will develop in the direction in which he has an interest and abilities, and even receive parental support in this direction, the guy has all the chances to be in the Premier League, albeit creative".

If your child is very communicative, active, cheerful, a leader, and wound up in the companies, is a leading radical in the psycho he hyperthymic. Such children can not stand the monotony, and because it is very important to alternate kinds of activity. Allow him to try and choose from a variety of interests, do not berate yourself for volatility, and positive reinforce - praise for the discipline and self-control.

If your kid is not sociable, more self-absorbed, will remain in isolation, analyzing something or collecting, but not a coward and pretty smart kid, then, most likely, a leading radical schizoid. Weak spot future geniuses of communication. Without violence, it is important to teach the child communication when communicating with peers, stay close and become a role model.

If your toddler just learning to walk, is already neat shoes in the hallway, you have a growing epileptoid - neat, thorough, stubborn, meticulous, energetic, disciplined and aggressive. Direct his strength in sports, teach him compassion and empathy for others.

If your child is "home", emergency and careful, obedient and shy, praise him for any manifestation of force, to recommend worrying is impossible, but to score criticism easily.

If your little star loves to be the center of attention and fall in love with all the nurses and teachers, then you have a growing future actor or isteroid. Praise him with good intentions and care about others, do not give in to tantrums and threats, ignore unwanted behavior and praise desired.

If your toddler is sensitive, emotional, sincere, easily tied to the people, all the trouble blames himself and is ready to give the latter, then you have a growing Emotiv. For the normal development of the child important favorable climate in the family, affection and support.

And last, the most complex radical unstable. He refuses to learn and help around the house, pugnacious, prone to instant gratification, not afraid of the consequences, is always looking for the bad company. In the education of mandatory continuous monitoring and strict alignment guidelines.

If you go to the education of the children individually, that is, through the innate characteristics of the child, considering the type and the power of his nervous system, and simply, on the basis of the psychic type, then

  • you are the child's friend and not become an enemy that thinks its wrong and tries to alter as you think fit;
  • you have all the chances of building trust and understanding with your child in the future.

the One who develops in their fields of interest, are usually more successful.

Evgeny Mironenko
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