an Indulgence is a release from punishment for sins in which the sinner has repented. In the Orthodox culture denied and condemned this form of solution to the question of the imperfection of man, instead, there is redemption. In the Catholic faith contrary - indulgence is quite acceptable, as in the old Testament where God clearly defined cost for a specific sin. Was vzyalas it is through the altar (place of sacrifice), that man is imperfect could improve and have the ability to enjoy life. Now everyone can choose faith and respect to the disputed parameters in it, for me it is not much matter. After all, if the offense is large, the material Board can not be saved from the severity of the conscience. In such cases, the person chooses the atonement in the form of punishments suffering. Therefore, some criminals nabbed themselves or come to confess. The egregore of the culture in which we live, can affect the mentality and behavioral stereotypes. I have a question for you: "If we talk about love, you would choose for yourself a partner who prefers to forgive you through the indulgence (accepting the fact that you are imperfect) or more principled and incorruptible (step to the side means escape and shot on location in a real execution or categorical break up of a relationship that for many lovers the equivalent)?" After all, passions and instincts you were not deprived, except age of course. Closer to 60 years it is currently possible to abandon what had sinned in his youth, and there each with its own package (lying, gluttony, cunning, lust, greed, vanity, etc.). I am often approached girls asking what to do if a man is disrespectful of the consumer, while not intending to take responsibility for his woman or per gram, or status, nor money, nor attention. I recommend leaving him, but I need to find the right moment is very important. So, left right, with well-chosen phrases at the right moment, and then punished by the deprivation, not to povadno to behave. Let's say you know how to keep a pause and emotions, even though drawn to him, it indicates your character and self-esteem, and so good you will be. Another question is "What if after an undetermined amount of time he showed up and insisted on resuming relations?". As a rule, the environment advises in any case not to forgive and not to believe him. Remember I talked about the influence of the egregore, so it's no indulgences. Such a radical policy is not clear to me. Why point at the splinter in thy brother's eye, when his eye beams are not visible? Of course, the height of stupidity to forgive "just so" and to believe the promises. I recommend soberly considered penal and subject to the availability of necessary basic qualities that should be possessed by a man. If any, and pulls you to him, it is foolish to football, and someone to give, assign a price for his offense. Thus, you will gain a long-desired bonus, check it in sincerity and repentance, will return the respect. The man who loves you, be happy about the opportunity to make amends through the mercy, and the rascal will roll away and regret it will leave you forever. Moreover, over time, your criteria of severity of misconduct can change and instead have OCD, you will only be bonuses for other people's sins.))

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