Psychologically Mature person is a person that is willing to take responsibility for myself and my life is now so rare....Nisrelay psyche Infanta unconscious of any peculiar natural protection from liability (Jung). This actually article)

a Person learns from his and others ' mistakes. Infant, stepping on the same rake, each time surprised. The person tries to understand the laws of life. Infant craves recipes, tips and charts. The person wants to understand what is happiness for her. The infant is guided by the principle of "as made". Personality becomes deeper, more interesting, wiser. infant does not change.Identity creates your life, creates. infant only knows how to emulate. Therefore, all infants are crawling with cliches. On different occasions: from the simple what to wear to a serious what to think, how to live.

If you go back to the previous article love that Infante is not available, because in order to feel the love inside your heart, is to work. The maximum that can immature people - a passion that comes quickly, rapidly unfolding and just as quickly goes out... infant instead of thinking about why his life attracted people like him is not capable of deep relationships, he flies into the light of a new relationship...Because he is significant above all the implementation of their protection needs, warmth, saturation suddenly If the infant creates a family relationship, they will be based on the principles of someone who "perimenopuase", plus background go emotional immaturity and indifference to others ' problems pain and joy. Alas, this style of family relations is very strong for mind games and manipulation infinite)

Psychological Mature people are able to love and build a beautiful relationship.

by the Way, the infant would never say: I don't understand people. He says: people don't understand me. Thus, infant the world sees and invents. However, he himself invents. Creates in his imagination a certain image, far from reality.

Look around, probably in your real environment, there are people who have been taught what he is special, unique, the only and the most talented.All is well in the measure and belief formed on the basis of real human actions, well, not based on illusions to your account. Life is full of such people of samurzakano, and all because of his fantasies about his own blinging well, does not correspond to reality. I will say a seditious thing-often the positive psychotherapy and based on their training program reinforces the infantilization of the person immersed in the ego.

In positive psychotherapy will explain to you what a treasure you must feel to succeed. You must believe that you are charming, attractive and attractive to their love ducky! Well, that is confirmation that there is no... Away the doubts and fears, away intelligent and sober thoughts — they are not positive.

infantile Woman sure that "she's a gift for all men" because it just is on this planet. It is often rely only on the state of its form of appearance. The main life strategy-consumption. Immature male, far away from such places.

Psychologically Mature people close to the desire for a holistic perception of the world, to the unbiased perception of events that allows to solve all the problems. stood in his way efficiently.

infant is the basic unit on which all prostaivaya the existence of the modern consumer society. A consumption-based economy, potreblyat the basis of contemporary relations. Each member of such a society set up only to realize their needs and genuinely surprised why people are not willing to help him -he needs to implement. The saddest thing is that the emphasis is on implemented it needs from the physical world. psychological needs immature to realize people don't know how that fills their lives with misery. and the constant search for at least material compensation.

Remember the words of Jung:

infant cannot afford to meet face-to-face with life — because you will see that his life is empty. And he flees from this meeting. On the one hand, gray existence, on the other — the abyss: the possible horror of the meeting with life.

Especially frightening Infanta aging of his own body, the disease, because the body is essentially all that he is. Very interesting in this respect is the film "Medicine of health". The film is not very easy on the plot lines and requires a deep understanding, but worth a look)

the Film "a Cure for health" — a metaphor for the dominance of pseudo-scientific rhetoric that is in our day used for mass lip service. Rich patients of the Institute Folmer prefer to believe in false diagnoses and bizarre methods of treatment, instead of to understand that their psychological problems are connected with objective reality (and culture) that they created and in which you live

the Society of consumption only exists at the expense of consumers, but the benefits only get a small number of people standing at the top of the hierarchy.. In the film can clearly be seen this idea on the example of the metaphor: the use of a larger number of human bodies to extract precious drops of the elixir of youth, which is available only to a few.

Shows how easy it is to brainwash a crowd of people, which is also metaphorically reflects the reality of our days. The cult of body, beauty and youth -one of the most powerful in our days. People are willing to make any sacrifice for the sake of illusion...the Rich people of the world actively invested and sponsored by various studies in search of the elixir of youth..The funny thing is that infant as small a unit of society does not understand that it and tested all the continue their days of consumption. Infanta prolong life is not itself a consumer society..alas

Me personally, the film reminded the state of modern medicine, which has long been a business(( I Remembered the scandals of the fence embryonic stem cells from abortive material for the rejuvenation of the wealthy, and much more. The theme of eternal youth-the most topical issue in the society in which steers infantilism and pedophilia(( Infantilism-a striking feature of the degradation of our society((

People...grow up!!!

Cozy and warm last days of winter!!

I would be glad if my articles, you will be useful in the practice of your life!

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Tatiana Savenko
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