Infidelities. Part 2


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it Is time to continue the article about adultery. In the second part I'd like to tell you about the nature of change and about what the worst thing in change for men and for women.

Man, as a species Homo Sapiens of Primate order, is a pack animal. So man has instincts. Basic instinct 3: instinct of self-preservation, reproductive instinct and the instinct of hierarchy. To a greater extent here of course we are talking about the sexual instinct. Each individual strives to leave offspring with the strongest viable genes. Man looking in a woman to a greater extent physical attraction. Woman looking in man the power and status, in order to educate the offspring and give it a comfortable and safe conditions for development. However, this is not enough. M man and woman must not only possess the external qualities, which can be called the attractiveness and status. But also inner qualities such a man should be smart, then in the modern world it will not only provide an acceptable material level, but also to give a good education, and a woman should be good to instill good quality child and surround him with care. These qualities combine to give the basis for strong partnerships.
Now the scary part. Very often a man has a lot of different social relationships, including with women. However, his woman (wife) is showing increased interest in women's surrounded by his men, sometimes arranging jealousy. What the woman is afraid, really? The fear mainly stems from the fact that the man will love no other. Then he goes to her. If this couple has children, the woman often after the departure of one has to educate and raise children. This is the worst thing for women.

For men the most terrible infidelity is also associated with offspring, however, things are different. Even if a woman fall in love with another man, but she has children from a spouse, the man will not abandon children, because he loves a woman and, consequently, the joint children. Here only in a woman's power to forbid a man to communicate with their children. However, if a woman have an intimate relationship with another man, not even for love, even if she loves her husband, there is a chance that the woman gets pregnant and the man has to raise someone else's offspring.

unfortunately, both options are in life. Why infidelity happens and what can be systemic causes of infidelity we have considered in the first part.

In the couple, the infidelity of a spouse - it is always the responsibility two, the first responsible for the fact of treason, the second for what they allow themselves to do it.

In the third part of the article I will talk about what to do if cheating has occurred.

In conclusion, I would like to quote the author of the constellations of Bert Hellinger about jealousy, which made me think and I came to the conclusion that it really is.

"Jealous, not because they want to keep the other. Quite the opposite: jealousy is an event aimed at getting rid of the partner, avoiding feelings of guilt. Because then the blame for the gap can be attributed to the partner. On closer examination it becomes obvious." © Bert Hellinger

Fedor Erokhin
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