I Wonder what I will become if you overcome your anxiety and fear. This man who will not fall into despair and anger, will differ from me with his misunderstanding of me today. And the truth that can understand people not experiencing these feelings, just understanding their nature and making any conclusions. Leaving him behind is the whole point, the whole mouthwatering range of emotional coloring, are born in the void meaning. Without that sensation and sensuality there is no understanding, without understanding there is no point to feel. In my quest to lose the fear and anxiety I go along a path from itself after the rest of the same cowardly and vicious pseudo-personalities which have been promised peace and prosperity.
But why I'm so afraid and I'm so anxious? Is no one interested in the cause that produces such a range of emotions and vtarget me into the depths of the experiences of its weakness and imperfection. And why is it, in principle, should someone be interested, because they are the same. Maybe I just want so badly to feel and be accepted by itself in your feelings that you can't do that, maybe boiling in me this volcano which is about to explode and I can't let him kill the flourishing cities of the apparent tranquility. And that's the way I live on the slopes of the volcano bubbling in anticipation of his eruption in close contact with the fear of death, the emotional death from apparent devastation from future eruptions. Be empty and lifeless, maybe that's what holding us back from "being alive" and spend all their vitality at one time.
Yeah, maybe I'm afraid of this, because emptiness can become real in the absence of people who had gone after my manifestations of his nature. And then my anxiety and fear of acquired traits fear of loneliness and awareness of his own emptiness, i.e. a deep experience of his "non-existence", to confirm which are the correct terms with the correct circumstances, since the correctness of no feelings. Afraid of showing their feelings, I create around myself an insensitive space in which I feel other, and in which no one feels me. No one knows what I'm real and I don't know what they're real, we just contact avatars, or as they say analysts – persons, i.e. masks. It turns out, I run from myself in order to be real you and I do it in order not to feel the horror from the inevitable awareness of the unreality of the fear. My deception protects me from cheating on me, becoming my perfect reality. Is steeper than the simulation of reality in cyberspace is a cyberspace simulation of reality.
now, is this stressful, anxious, angry volcano, right around the world and is ejected out and a little smoke and a little ash reminds himself holding all around in suspense, at the same time maintaining its tone. Demonstration of anxiety and fear, oddly enough, there is a demonstration of fear of being insensitive and feel fully ANYTHING within. Therefore, to create the impression to others that inside and truth, something.
Paradox. Absurd. Strange. Yes, it is.

Maksym Stefanenko
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