Many turn to the question: "what if the closeness was too fast? Is it possible?". Possible and not possible, as in the case if intimacy happened later - depends on the people from each specific characters in specific relationships. Based on my experience as a psychologist, I can say that proximity often becomes the relationships, and family and children.

If intimacy happened quickly, and if it was not only the Union of bodies but the contact of souls, inner worlds, and could not be otherwise - your temperament and your feelings have led to this -the proximity made here only as a consequence of overcrowding feelings, or both of you either ripped this way, or later, having gone in the wrong direction, the feelings had already not to the court - that is, "perekusili".

Because when a lot of emotions, plus the feeling of kinship of souls, the intimacy is only physical sublimation of the senses, and there is nothing to worry. It is important, namely, finish, condition after - if still pulls and want to know more - the proximity of a stage, the growing point when the emotional stress at the time was quiet and you just enjoy each other in other ways - as friends, as companions.

the Proximity becomes a point only in the case, except if the body and sex is not pulling anything and it does not excite, otherwise the timing is not important. There is always a risk. But that is no reason to be afraid of intimacy. Yes, there are people who are bodily unity pushes the interaction, and from it nobody is insured - the important thing is not to accept the disconnection on your account. They just don't yet reach the full sense of the word - many fears, blocks and frames. Yes, there are people who are important "for show", win - "the grass does not grow."

But there are people for whom the proximity of bodies is an expression that is a continuation of feelings, a natural development. Because our soul, able to love, has a house, and this house is our body, and therefore feelings are expressed in and through the body. So if feelings are not gone after the vicinity where the analysis of what thinking - go to the call of the soul, the smell - that's how love is born. There are no guarantees. But if you do not go on feelings, fears will multiply, and genuine intimacy - not only bodies, but also values, a shower might not happen.

© V. Gubanov

Gubanova Vlad
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