Tell me, do You consider the feelings to the customer as material for therapy? Or you your Feelings are something personal , not related to your profession? And for you where is the border? 

And if you speak about it with your customers? 

I noticed that a spontaneous feeling with the client is always useful for therapy. ALWAYS! 

But I'm not always talking about them. Why? 

And because sometimes clients aren't ready, especially perceiving the therapist as a doctor in scrubs, and not as a person . Everything must gradually go. And with some pretty easy even share difficult experiences, as a rule, is the advanced customers, who are in therapy or psychologists. 

I Wonder if that means any sense. That is not just the phenomenon, and the reason? After all, it can be born to a word of the client, the situation in the contact between you and them, and even on your personal history outside of the office. Sometimes it's to separate for a short time during a session. I think in many ways it helps intuition and experience. Although, errors can often happen. 

I love to understand what I do. To talk, to listen, to feel. If I present to the client your sense, then what is it? What is the purpose? Sometimes I mirror the customer's condition or what it gives rise to a partner in contact, sometimes I find the figure at the moment, here I don't always share with the client, sometimes it's important only to me. Again, much depends on the customer, his readiness, his awareness, and situation, of course. 

But often it also happens that I'm risking going into an experiment, or just talking about his condition, encouraging the client to engage in this relationship, here and now, with me : "I Have a lump in my throat. I wonder what is it about?".. " something I'm mad at you... "

the Client sometimes says I have too.. Or:

"I made you sad".. 

Think it might open something important about the customer or about his relationship with the environment outside of the office. 

do You like it? How do you cope with your feelings in therapy? Share your experience :) 

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