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"And remember, Cheburashka, if all the time walking on the tracks never get lost". These are the words of the Crocodile Genes. 🐊

And I'll tell you: follow your heart's voice and you can never go wrong. 💖

Learn to distinguish the mind, logic from intuition. It needs to be in contact, in rapport with you. This is step # 1. Before you make a decision, calm your emotions, lest they drown out the whisper of the heart, and then you will take wrong decision, which will give you experience, but I don't guarantee that this experience will be joyful.👻

6th sense inherent in every human being, but not every it is activated. Someone does not trust someone relies solely on logic, well, someone that don't believe in intuition. And unnecessary it flows into a lifelong sleep... 😴

while the logic and intuition – it's 2 wings, and should fly. Not jumping, like a Swan with a broken wing, one only the logic. Life is unpredictable, and extremely difficult, if not impossible, to calculate everything. But you can feel.

it is Possible to feel the person just by looking. 💪Unless this ability is not useful girls, looking for a husband?

🇯 will Tell you the parable of the sword master and his apprentice. I think this parable is not only about martial arts that I admire deeply, but about intuition.

the Wizard has determined the student to the kitchen. And every day appears out of nowhere and hit the child with a wooden sword. The student was trying to predict where this will be the Master. When he thought that the master appears in the door, he jumped out of the oven... 😂One day after a particularly strong blow Student suffered an Epiphany: he realized that you just relaxed waiting for the blow from any direction. And the next time the wizard jumped, the student casually put the block with the MOP, the master bowed and said: now you're ready to proceed to the main course, although, actually, you already passed.🏁

Sophie Lemus
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