Now many men who have fun playing the feelings in relationships with women, fun that captivate women, and then throw them and I get this sadistic pleasure that really becomes dangerous to speak about their feelings upon hearing about the feelings, the man thinks he got his, and the victim to leave and enjoy her torment.

these are "fine" now entertainment for men. Well, civilization develops. And entertainment be psychological. Here only those activities can bring a very strong psychological impacts living people - women, cause intense distress, which can lead in turn to physical illness.

Now, in view of the availability for men sex and the prevalence of sex before marriage, the man does not consider it necessary to see the difference between a decent woman and a prostitute.

the Prostitute there will be nothing in her soul, if she more never will see this client. Well, it is true, it may also suffer from a lack of customers, as it is her earning a living.

 a Decent woman is different from the prostitutes that moving closer to the man only if he did like her (well, at least), and she still suffers when he disappears from her life.

At all times to meet the sexual needs men used by women of easy virtue, but to women from the higher social classes were treated with respect and to engage them in sexual intimacy only in marriage.

Perhaps, now women are to blame that they are treated as things come into intimacy with a man without marriage. They put themselves in a position where they are easy to throw.

Well, if you do not enter into a valid marriage, then at least have let a man good to invest financially in a woman, to prove my feelings and to him it was not so easy to leave her. Material investment in the woman from the men protect it from sudden psychological trauma of a breakup. This is - the rules of basic security.



© Trofimenko Tatiana G.

the Author of 24 books on practical psychology.

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