is it possible to be happy?

at Once I will tell — CAN. And put big and fat point.

"And if it's bad?" Also, you can!

As you know, in our country, as it is a shame to be happy. It is wrong to smile and say that everything's great, you have to "justify" and explain. Immediately read in the eyes of the interlocutor huge question: "what are you so happy, tell me. Like we're all suffering from, and surviving, and you have that there is no problem?" There are problems, take it easy, we all have them, problem is, there's even a huge zadachami. But there is an inner feeling that the happiness is there, within and around me. Yes, there are many sorrows, many losses, but it stages of life, it is wounds that pojivaet and they need looking after.

We are so used to be waiting for the blow from anything that go out in advance with a bulletproof face. But if and smile (well, traveled abroad, learned still smiling), the heart and mind sitting this thought: "do not relax".

And this makes sense, relax - you'll get hit, get into an accident. So my recipe is: do not relax, I mean, do your tasks, but you can't control everything (for example, the world crisis and weather) and be happy. You don't live chill and euphoric. You perform the tasks of life, what you can do, but you feel the breath of life, the touch of clothing against skin, the rustle of leaves, the warmth of family, the taste of victory, the smile of your child. You see, hell, life in all its manifestations — the people in the subway with his thoughts, the shaggy dog, which hastens their business, reckless idiot on the road in nine and a wise old man at the bus stop. You just know what it is that life permeates all of you. I feel it as a substance, as a silk veil, enveloping the space around. But there was that feeling, only after I LET myself feel that, DESPITE imperfections and goroshki this world. Don'T NEED REASONS to be happy. As we have, that's when I lose weight, get married, make a million and have a rest, then I'll be happy. No You can now, right now to be happy. Allow yourself to it, allow. The problems that you now decide is no reason not to be happy.

You say, but then immediately start problems, because it is impossible to relax. And you do not relax, go to work, solve problems, even you can feel free to cry and to suffer (this is also a piece of happiness). But feel nurtured in yourself that feeling. Again: do not need reasons for happiness, for life you already live, you are happy.

You say, easy for you to say you have no such problems as I have. First, you don't know what "lessons" I have them. And, secondly, even if you have terrible-terribly complicated and difficult period of my life, know that it is always above the clouds is the SUN. And even when it is pitch dark and you don't remember about the sun, even in this darkness there is something fascinating, beautiful and necessary it is for you now. You "officially" and "social" suffer sincerely and from the heart, but inside you know that he is happy even now, because one day gave it.

For those who are ashamed, well, as the whole world is suffering, the African kids are starving, war, and here I am living and happy. You are not indifferent to the world, you respond to need, you change something and do, but if you feel that the SPIRIT of life, lean on it, you take the world, and you are happy. Yes, it is possible.

You think: what can you say surrounding, envy, and maybe it will bring damage, since I'm so happy suddenly? And not have to shout around. Let this feeling will be within you, may you be safely said that you are all well, without going into the REASONS for this are good.

You still think happiness is a set of parameters and chase them? Health, love, children, success, etc? No, happiness is an internal feeling of life, life in all its manifestations. And settings, these are your options the way how the health of people and with what money. That's all. I will be very happy if someone responded in the shower or originated at least a grain of happiness)

Tatiana Zaboeva
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