Christina which was given to kindergarten in 1.5 years.

When I started to work as a neuropsychologist, I am often asked the question regarding the optimal age for children to visit kindergarten. I read a lot of medical and psychological literature on this question. But I noticed that in many cases, the opinions differ (especially in the psychological aspects of this issue). My professional interest has intensified and personal, when most had children. At first I replied to the parents: "every child is different and readiness for kindergarten are all different too."

But once someone came to welcome the mother-daughter, Christine (3years). The girl is intelligent, interesting. But step to step from her mother. And mother came in with concerns about speech development. Little smart but almost nothing to say.

Christina was Playing with me, not leaving your mom, although it went into the garden. Seeing a doctor who recommended a visit to neurobiology. The girl's mom was forced to give to kindergarten in 1.5 years, because at that time my mother had to work. Christina went to work, cried all the time, did not let the mother. And then just accept it, but it seemed to grow longer.

After that consultation, I began to notice that the same kids, like Christina very much. I don't keep statistics, but I see the following correlation: the sooner you give the baby to kindergarten, the more difficult it develops certain higher mental functions (attention, thinking , speech, etc.). Many parents and experts will disagree with me. I do not pretend to innocence, I only share my observations.

what exactly I, as a neuropsychologist you see this relationship?

how old will give a child in kindergarten – the more developed his brain?

In 1-1,5 years for a child symbol of security is mom and dad. The kid intuitively feels that he can't take care of myself, so it's important to see and feel it next to "their" adults. When the mother brings the child in such a small age to kindergarten, the baby is experiencing severe stress. He was scared because his little but very important secure world in the face of my mother suddenly disappears.

we, as parents and adults, rational people, know perfectly well that meet up with your child, but the baby doesn't get it. The child at this age lives in the "here and now". And if mom is not, so will not. Sometimes children Express this fear with shouts and protests, and sometimes just "go away".

Many parents proudly tell me that the kid almost cried and behaved calmly. This is our parent the illusion is us for adults so want to calm down her anxiety. In fact, the child was crying, only within themselves. The experience of fear in the child in this case is reinforced by the fact that the adult in the face of teachers dispersed in all children groups. The kid sees that it needs adult responds not at once. In moments of great anxiety for many children help the arms, but here the teacher can "break" and give this kind of support on demand.

now imagine what knowledge can be mastered and what skills to develop the child when he is in such stress?! Children, unlike adults, when experiencing strong emotions, the part of the brain that are responsible for the development of cognitive processes, completely off. Of course, this happens just when give the child to kindergarten too early.

are You familiar with this picture when a child is crying heavily because of falling on the road cookies, and You are trying to convey the reasoning that "I'll buy you a new one", "don't let this upset" and "you yourself are to blame"? But the kid can't hear you. He seemed absorbed in his grief over the cookies. Similarly, in kindergarten, when Your child is in constant anxiety, his brain stops growing as if it developed at home with mom.

So when I see another is the newfangled kindergarten where children invite already since 1 year, I was just bursting with indignation. This is as if urged on mothers to give them the education of their child. And it's fun to see that attached to this kindergarten the teaching of foreign languages, speech therapy, all sorts of clever books.

what kind Of training can be a speech if the child is scared?

So when it is necessary to give a child in kindergarten?

In my opinion, the minimum age when you need to take the child to kindergarten for the day is 3 years. At this age already formed a number of important functions of the brain, the child may have to navigate around in time (morning, afternoon, evening), he has also sure that parents definitely will come after him. Experience and fear, of course, also be, but not in the same scale and not with such consequences for health and mental development of the child.

As I said, many parents will bring me back examples of how their child began to speak better, to remember and to think, walking in the garden. Yes, it happens, but at times less. Most often, this is due to the fact that the child was very stress-resistant. His fears offset by the sense of interest in everything new that is in the garden. And yet children develop in the kindergarten is better than home ever ruled in the family unfavourable atmosphere (conflicts between relatives, for example), and in the garden a child's life has become calmer, or when the identity of the teacher was more open, attentive and sensitive than the identity of the mother (and this also happens).

So, dear parents, if You have the opportunity to raise a baby at home up to 3 years, so it will be better for him. On fashionable books can be led separately. If it is important and necessary to work mom, and I understand mom, grandmother and nanny. Well, if you really have nowhere to go, the garden, but with the obligatory visit to a child psychologist.

sessions with a psychologist You can learn how to prepare mentally the kid to the kindergarten, get tips on how to cope with children's tantrums prestizhnymi and Your baby in the counselor's office will be able to remove the emotional tension that had accumulated after visiting the garden.

And remember that it's not just early development, and timely!

And again, let's recognize that the garden is needed in the first place us, the parents. Because we are so for many reasons it is more convenient to arrange their life. And it is neither bad nor good.

a Small child should be first and foremost a sense of safety, support, protection and love.

Yes, indeed, us for adults too.

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