Russian writer, poet, translator, member-correspondent of the Imperial Academy of Sciences in the category of Russian language and literature, one of the classics of world literature, Ivan Turgenev was born in Orel on October 28 [November 9,] 1818. His mother, Varvara Petrovna in his memorable book that day recorded: "Monday, October 28, a son, Ivan, height 12 inches, in the eagle, in his house, at 12 o'clock in the morning." How well the mother recorded the birth of a son, hard to say:) we will Try to work with these data. But first a few words about local time: before the October revolution in Russia, there was no time zones. Before the introduction of standard time in each city used its own local solar time, depending on longitude. According to the Almagest, temporary amendment in 1818 in Orel was 2 h 24 min. in constructing the map for 12 hours local time, the MS enters the sign of Scorpio, and As is in Capricorn. The event, which we will consider in the first place is the death of his mother, which occurred on 16 (28) November 1850 (see illustration). As a rule, in such cases we see the defeat of the moon, the ruler of the 4th house or the cusp of the 4th house. But (which is very rare!) aspects of transit planets is almost entirely harmonious, therefore, one of the transit planets (Saturn, Uranus or Pluto) could have only the aspect of the connection to the cusp of the 4th house. Consequently, the time of birth need to move back a little, and at the latest when could be born Ivan Turgenev is 10:44 am when Is the 2nd degree of Taurus - in this case transit Pluto will be in the Orbis connection with the axis of the IC. Another possible option - IC at birth was in the last degrees of Aries - in this case, transiting Uranus will be in conjunction with the axis of the IC. Either the birth occurred before, when the IC is 12°-18° Aries - if on the death of his mother pointed out to transit Saturn passing over the cusp of the 4th house. In any case, the ascendant sign is Sagittarius. How this assumption may be true? Please refer to the biography of the writer and the recollections of his contemporaries: • From an early age was very worried Varvara Petrovna her Vanya. Good and kind, and clever, but very simple and true to beshitrosno: what's on the mind, and language. Caused once to Spasskoe a visit to the most serene Princess Golenishchev, an estimable lady in advanced age, appearance very exotic. Let the children presented. And Vanya stared at the Princess with wide eyes, dumbfounded, and suddenly said loudly: "You look just like... a monkey!" Especially disturbing was the mother of Vanina in the veracity of the lack of the usual in the age of childish stubbornness. Not because of stubbornness, not in spite of it does – and on some innate desire, some unconscious need to be sincere in everything. • Already in childhood Turgenev was fluent in three European languages and read the classics of German, English and French literature in the original. • Ivan was too soft, compliant and evasive: parents it is not contradicted with the mother in useless bickering was not included. • While studying at the University, Turgenev intensively studied philosophy and poetry, translated Shakespeare, of Byron's poem. At age 19 he received the coveted degree of candidate and decided to engage seriously in philosophy in the famous center of world thought in those years, the University of Berlin. • In nature, he remained a man of gentle and compliant. He was a happy, cheerful young men, often in the house had heard his infectious laughter; it was inherent breadth of sympathies and interests; he was witty, sensitive and alive person. • At age 23, Ivan Sergeevich returned to Moscow, on a date with her mother. Varvara Petrovna threw his hands up, seeing as strengthened and matured at the time of separation her son. And huge growth, and broad-shouldered, his eyes a deep, brooding, dark gray; thick hair. But growth, growth... a True giant. "Needless to say, Maman, I have a growing really big, clumsy and obnoxious! joked Ivan. – Walk with a friend, you're a step, he need to measure three; are you coming and he rides..." • Turgenev in the first half of the 40-ies established the reputation of a few thoughtless people. In their secular pursuits he reminded Eugene Onegin: went to a dandyish blue tailcoat with gold buttons depicting lion heads, in light plaid trousers, white waistcoat and coloured tie. • A friend of Turgenev, the German writer Paul geise, spoke about the "extraordinary proximity" of Turgenev to the nature, proximity, already lost Western Europe. The author of "Notes of a hunter" he was attracted by the unusual German writer of "direct, folksy intimacy and enlightened culture." He said: "my esteemed friend Turgenev was a rare fusion of secular man with a simple, peasant way of life of the soul." • Love for all living beings is one of the main traits of Turgenev. In Turgenev's narrator draws the rare talent of communion to the people's world Outlook. I agree that these character qualities are more typical of the rising Sagittarius than Capricorn. With a better understanding of Your destiny an Astrologer Zhanna Tsvetkova

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