Is it possible to leave the child "crying"


so, is there a connection with what happens if you leave the baby two years "crying". Let's talk.

the Relationship really is. We will investigate. First of all, consider what a crying baby 2 years and why you need it. The child is still small, his speech is still unclear, to talk of integrity, logically, consistently he doesn't know how. In this regard, in two years the child is a their experiences not enunciating, and replacive or even procreative. Of course doing it not just because it is not some "child harm" (as it is often called parents for advice) or something similar. This desire for connectivity to others, primarily with mother (up to three years, the mother plays a key role for the baby).

so, crying out. Now a few words about separation. If you have previously read articles or books on this subject, then you already know that the separation process is prolonged, the more clearly we see the psychological separation of the child from his mother in three years, when it begins to say the phrase "I myself", "I". Up to this point the mother to the child is not only a source of the primary needs (eating, sleeping, etc.), but also a source of information, a measure of the trustworthiness of the world (all around) or the world is dangerous and cannot be trusted. If we have "good enough mother" (Winnicott D. the term), then the child develops a constructive view of the world, the necessary level of confidence to others and myself, the anxiety level low (if not happened tnve factors). If we see the "cold" mother, the anxious personality is formed (and such people grow up, begin to feel the anxiety of adolescence, and some earlier, have difficulties in forming social relationships, often do not believe in friendship, love, don't believe yourself). These are people whose psychological trauma occurred before the age of three. Odin n cause of injury - a violation of the separation of the "cold mother" indifferent to the feelings and overall emotions of the baby.

Thus, the choice of how we know, for Mama to leave whether the baby is "crying", because the responsibility for education remains on it.

Kovaleva Ekaterina
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