In the movie "the Tale of how Tsar Peter arapa married" is a fragment where Arap Ibrahim (Vladimir Vysotsky) punish the student with the words: "Grow up, will be the skipper, but the officers themselves will take the stick in hand. Let us remember what it is on its back, and without cause and malice don't punish anyone". It is unlikely the parents are guided by such explanations. It is not expected that their children will grow up and be somebody physically to punish in the service, except that of their children. That is to say, will continue a vicious circle.

Yes, it's fast and easy - to slap, to drag by the ear, take hold of the belt. When the child is small, all it is physically possible to implement, but, sooner or later, all the children grow up, become strong and high, not flip and does not reach the ear. After all, before these parents had ensured that demanded children through punishment, and now it will not work. There are examples when Teens engage in melee with their parents or when they came of age and began to use techniques that were well known to respond with physical violence to the claims of parents to their address. This is extreme, of course, but they are. Many argue so: "I was punished - nothing is melted, and the result's good, so my kids are not sugar, will suffer, and good will." And usually, these parents most problems with children, and punishment do not help. Proposals to develop other respectful and friendly answer: "Get (children) on the neck and legs dangling".

Again, easy to answer, as well as to spank. Differently to live and raise is a large daily work. Is patience, a desire to understand and help your child to pass difficult stages of growing up. No experience and desire to spend time on it. But if someone wants to break this vicious circle - tear! Will succeed! Children initially love and respect us, ready to cooperate with us. If we respect the child's personality and not afraid to show their weaknesses, the communication can get better, and without physical violence!

May You have any questions, need any clarification. With pleasure will answer You in the comments or in consultation!

Love and take care of yourself and your children!

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Julia A.
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