Is it possible to start life with a clean slate. Psychology of personality.


is it Possible to start life with a clean slate. Psychology of personality.

There is psychometrika, it can be viewed as a kind of art therapy, when you take a sheet of paper, a pencil draw my life, and then the eraser to erase what's not to like.

One patient had ten painted sheets and then a long and hard two hour all this is washed to a clean slate. She was already 38 years old and she wanted to start a life from scratch, which I am reasonably responded that all the same what that experience is necessary to take even a new happy life. It will help to avoid mistakes and not to step on the same rake once again.

once married my godmother's daughter. My heart on this occasion was the stone in trance state, I saw the future I became friends of man. Married life she had a short and contentious. Call the godmother of her daughter, spoke about his foresight, for this laughing girl answered as she realizes that I speak the truth not going to get married and not making mistakes. In life it happened like I told you. In the second month after the wedding the young husband had shown itself in full glory. From the cute affectionate kid remains a boor, abusive and a playboy. All free time spent with friends, his wife didn't pay any attention, believed that in life he changed nothing and do not look for a woman for the night because there is always its side. And besides, house cleanliness, delicious hot dinner and clean clothes. The only thing that prevented him to live, is the fact that the load to wife was still the mother-in-law with his opinion. In short, after six months, a fun family life came to an end, the couple is miserably divorced. True mother-in-law had bruises and a black eye, and a lot of debt after the Grand wedding. And my godmother's daughter's broken heart and frustration in family life.

Pretty battered but not defeated, she is going to marry again, but not alone, but with four year old son. This is the best that's left from my first husband.

She would like to forget the sad story of her marriage, but just this difficult experience has provided her with an invaluable service in the selection of worthy, faithful and responsible men. She was not treated with such levity to the advice of unworldly people. To his new chosen it stared and have tried on three years, trying to understand his inner world, the attitude to life, to women, to themselves and to the child.

So getting back to the psycho that offers life to start from scratch, I can say that experience is a priceless wealth and erase from his memory the fact that you worked so hard to get, extremely unwise. The best is to draw conclusions on this basis of feelings, emotions and knowledge to make your life more creative and rich. And the main thing is to understand that life is given in order to feel it, to fill your soul with the colors of emotions and feelings. And the most interesting film - it is your own life in which You are the main character, protagonist and Director.

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