is it Possible to undergo psychological tests

Psychological tests – an auxiliary tool for psychologists, which is used for establishing personality traits. In psychology, tests – a way of knowing, which allows to determine the traits, knowledge, skills, personality, diagnose mental condition and to detect abnormalities.

there are several groups of tests:

· personal – studying the traits and qualities of personality, can be comprehensive or focused on one indicator;

· intellectual – all kinds of IQ tests, the test of mathematical abilities, etc.;

· projective – this category includes the Rorschach test, Luscher test and other tests that have no clear answers and is based on the analysis of the associations arising from test;

· professional – identify specific knowledge and skills.

Today, professional and personality tests are widely used when applying for a job or enroll in school, helping to determine how specific qualities of the candidate correspond to requirements of future professional activity and working in a team.

whether to undergo psychological tests independently.

In bookstores and on the Internet there are many tests you can get to by yourself using the keys to decrypt the results. At first glance it seems that it is very simple.

But whether or not to take tests without the participation of a psychologist?

Any professional test-is a standardized test, based on which the specialist can draw conclusions supported by the results of research and observations. Tests that use psychologists, is rather complicated.

decoding is based on proven methodologies and years of experience, in the process of interpretation of the results takes into account several important factors, which a person without specialized education, is not even aware. Especially if we are talking about projective tests, with no clear answers, among which you can choose only one.

Simplified test Luscher, Rorschach and others can easily be found online, but none of them gives accurate results, which a professional psychologist in interpreting the answers. Therefore, these tests can be played alone for entertainment value only, not giving them a special value.

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