Is it possible to work with beliefs?


it is believed that if a person truly believes that he can do it, then be sure to do. But if he is convinced of the impossibility of this, no effort is not enough to convince him otherwise.

Beliefs have a huge impact on behavior.

Beliefs about themselves and their capabilities in the world consistently and significantly affect everyday activities.

everyone has beliefs that serve as a resource, and along with this belief, hindering forward movement.

Such beliefs as, "At my age too late to start...", "Nothing helped...", "I am a victim of circumstances..." , "since I was there, not going anywhere" — can often be a stumbling block, not allowing a person to fully use the full potential of their natural resources and unconscious competence.

Even those beliefs that were formed in relation to us other people may have to have an effect. This was demonstrated in a highly original study in which a group of children with the level of mental development that is certified as a medium, was quite arbitrarily divided into two equal subgroups. One of them was entrusted to one teacher as a group of "gifted" children. Second — another teacher, but as a group of "Laggards". A year later, both subgroups have been re-certificated to level of mental development. And it is not surprising that most of the children, arbitrarily written in the "gifted" have received a much higher score than the previous certification, while most of those identified in the "left behind" showed a significantly lower result! Beliefs of teachers regarding the abilities of their students affect the learning ability of the latter.

Beliefs can shape, change and even determine the level of mental abilities, health status, social connections, creativity and even the degree of personal happiness and success in life.

Many convictions were obtained in childhood from our parents, teachers, social environment and mass media even before we could realize their influence or make choices on your own. This suggestion, and independent elections based on the experience and information available then.

is it Possible to rebuild, alter, or forget how to believe in your old limiting beliefs and to adopt others, is able to get beyond the old limitations, the ideas and beliefs that exceed our wildest guesses?

Yes, it is possible! And this can be done using a very effective model of human communication and behavior. Using a set of behavioral tools that can "unlock" some hidden mechanisms that underlie the beliefs and belief systems.

Man is a living system that receives information about the world, processes it, based on this processing makes certain conclusions and chooses the type of interaction with the environment (different behaviors).

the Tactics of the therapist working in this model are:

the establishment of rapporti relationships (good relationships, understanding, agreement, contact.),

gathering information about the current and desired state of the client

the creation of a model of the two,

selection and therapeutic techniques to change the present state in the direction desired.

In the text materials used: Dilts, R. "Changing beliefs with NLP"]
Olga Mikhaylyuk
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