whether to "bother"?
How you make decisions about, say, buying a new refrigerator, about where to go for the weekend, what kind of work to go to work, who to marry?
Someone very easily given such decisions, and someone suffering from a situation of choice and uncertainty of life...

the Person who will be guided by a large number of characteristics (cognitive constructs), a lot of nuances in making these decisions, rather, can be attributed to the "cognitive complex". .
A person who has a ready answer or has a small number of important criteria when making important decisions, rather, the "cognitive easy". You can read about it in detail at the American Dzh.Kelly.

So what is this "cognitive constructs"?
It is certain patterns of our perception through which we look at ourselves and other people.

the Set of these criteria is individual, but each has the basic, nuclear. .
How do you know what you are cognitive constructs? the
And recall, for example, about how you met a new person and formed about him a certain judgment. What came to mind at this moment?
beautiful-ugly, good-evil, rich-poor, smart-stupid, successful-unsuccessful?...

This is your cognitive constructs, that you operate.
this constructs allows one not only to explain someone else's behavior, but also to ask the program its. .
for example, people are often inclined to be offended, the more memorable events associated with when they have wronged. br>

it is Interesting that cognitive complexity can to some extent control. So, in the sphere of their professional activities, all people are more complex than in other areas.
If you are engaged in, for example, the arts, the question you probably pay more attention to different details than all your friends. Thus, for example, differences between aluminum wire from copper for you can be substantial. the
Sometimes the problem is too high cognitive complexity in the field of interpersonal communication can be a cause of prolonged loneliness. I'd be happy to talk more about it in one of his consultations😉

Stepanova Olga
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