is it Worth the risk ?

There is a phrase , truth I do not remember whom .

"Risk. If you win - will be happy and if you lose, experienced."

Risk - what's in it for you?

My associations: speed, target song .Makarevich " Here's a new twist and the motor roars, what he brings to us?", the familiar phrase "he Who doesn't risk never gets to drink champagne", "Risk - a noble cause" .

Your Association?...

was looking through the Internet and found a few definitions of risk

  1. Risk of with the sign " - "is connected to" possible losses, losses .
  2. Risk with " + " sign. It is out of the usual and familiar comfort zone, as a result of certain actions that lead to winning, and as a result improvement of quality of life and the satisfaction of a good self-esteem and the position of the winner!

It is a calculated risk when we analyze the situation, yourself, the environment, resources.

Algorithm risk


There is a good , simple and effective technique, "risk Analysis".

Technology " risk Analysis "

Suppose you have decided to take some important or very important decision in your life, for example: to change jobs, place of residence , to learn on a new job, marry or divorce, and other different situations, i.e. it is necessary to decide something.

Although it can be less global issues to solve, for example - make a new hairstyle, or take a dip in the winter in the hole.

sequence of actions

Ask yourself the magic question

  1. What good will happen to me if...

( to write all the possible options that comes to mind)

  • Then ask yourself one magic question
  • What bad will happen to me if... ( write down all answers )

  • Ask yourself the question, "I will survive" or "survive" . The implication here is two answers : "Yes" or "no."
  • After that we conclude a Treaty , contract , agreement
  • " Yeah, I'll risk it" and then think over the strategy of behavior , set deadlines, undertake.

    "No, I'm not going to risk it," leave everything as it is.

    If you are not ready to risk , you should admit honestly that today the moment, I'm not willing to risk something to change, but thinking about it, and have the necessary time to prepare, so you decide, but at a certain time.

    it's very simple.

    that is the decision we make as ADULT person, and understand that by adopting it, we go from the usual" comfort zone" and know that it will be new . A new dawn of life!

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