Today we will talk on an unusual subject.

in a couple after a long life together. And the theme

is not for all couples. And well, that is not all. But she

there is, and therefore has a right to be.

Imagine, people are together for many years. The children have grown. Parents

left alone. It would seem a Golden time. Live for yourself, pay

more attention to each other. What could be better than love-a friendship?

But something doesn't add up. Instead of rapprochement sense of remoteness,

even detachment. Home though done together, but either

on the machine, either because it's necessary, nothing else.

Strangely, the first man shows this very

the detachment. The woman, like a sensitive barometer, instantly catches

changes in the relationship to her, and lost. She doesn't understand that

happened. Everything seems to be no change on her part. And he was suddenly

less talkative, or Vice versa, says a lot and mostly negative.

he was more likely to leave home, started a new hobby, notes in the nature

wife's traits, which previously did not say or did not pay attention.

and a woman can suddenly change. Became more demanding, less

taking care. New Hobbies, meeting friends,

desire to have personal time and space.

the Desire for freedom from the hustle and bustle begins to appear brighter. But there are

habit. The years, the habit of household chores,

friends, trips to visit relatives, the holidays

the rules, addition and consumption of the family budget

even with the children – all "ustakanilos". Nothing new

family life

Grumbling to be the background of existence of two people. What

going on? Another crisis of family life?

Try to understand each other. Don't be surprised if one of the two

say: "let's live separately." Or even more abruptly: "Come on

get a divorce." Shock. A shock to everyone. First thought – partner, someone

appeared. It happens sometimes. But let's not talk today about the change.

the Reasons for wanting to leave in Mature age enough.

have You ever wondered about the phenomenon of fatigue? People

tired of each other. Left alone, you can start a new compatible

ing life and the new life does not work. The old life is no

satisfied. And more often visited by the idea – it is necessary to leave.

Why do people get tired from each other, having lived for many years? But the reason is always

there. Are relationships in which one spouse dominates, and

the second is humble. Here is the sacrificial behavior of one in favor of

the other. "Victim" is, incidentally, also has some benefit from it.

Another option – both want to be boss. There's generally a cut

the stone. Quarrel, as a constant companion.

But all relationships have a certain period of time. There comes a time when

resentment, anger, sense of humiliation, accumulated over many years of collaboration

life becomes critical. And even if these grievances do

manifest, they will still sprout the tree of separation. The only question is

whether the separation is forever or temporary?

In the world there are no people who would not see flaws in a partner. But!

There are certain zones of tolerance, and they are all different. With something that we just

get along, tolerate or accept, but something builds up and becomes

critical mass. That's when you start thinking about termination


don't hold each other, this test is not given in vain. Try to be

the objective, don't blame your mate, and don't give up on

the opposite field. There will be new values and priorities.

life Changes, we change. And only time will tell was it worth it

go. Don't burn bridges.

Yes, relationships are difficult to stop, and often impossible. As

geographically separated? And the status of family man? And

the devastation of disappointment, fear of the future?

Assistance can be provided by loved ones. In any case, the breakup, let

even temporarily, is serious psychological trauma.

Therefore it is better to go to a psychologist. Only psychologist you can

again go your way for couples to see which periods of time

influenced changes in the relationship. What was shared and what has distanced you

from each other? You will find the reserves to restore intimacy, understanding,

support? And you will have a new chance of love, affection and mutual


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