the Theme of jealousy is often found in client requests. Either the client himself is jealous of the wife or husband of his jealousy makes life miserable. Is jealous means loves! This is a very common misconception. Jealousy can even be pleasant at first. Flatters the ego. But time passes, and jealousy is a problem which seriously complicates life. This occurs when the behavior of a jealous man is beginning to frighten. Life in the atmosphere of jealousy is unbearable for both spouses. Jealousy destroys, destroys love and understanding. From the beautiful tree of love remain one brands. Both of the victims. Jealousy demeans both. This is life in hell. Suffer.

What is it that fuels jealousy? Breeding ground for jealousy, doubt is brought to its highest boiling point. Jealous questions of loyalty to the spouse and then look for the answers to these questions. "And whether it will be faithful to me?" - this question introduces doubt and there is no right answer to this question. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. What causes pain and suffering in this case? The search for answers to the question of loyalty and causes jealousy and pain. The jealous man is himself the most incredible stories about the infidelity of a spouse. He's watching a horror movie about treason and violation of his honor and dignity. He is clearly aware of the scene of adultery and debauchery. The jealous man himself, and winds begin to believe the stories he himself invented.

you Should get out of the house, as jealous immediately starts the eighth series of the fifth season of the film "In a circle of jealousy." The jealous man will see your phone in the search for evidence of your infidelity. It tracks the route of your car. And he will find these clues. He will prosecute you and begin the showdown. The jealous man seeks to limit the freedom of his wife. The jealous man is afraid of losing his wife, thinks he has a more worthy opponent. The jealous man suffers and lives in constant fear of betrayal. Jealousy destroys relationships. To cope with the emotions there is no way.

What could be the reason for jealousy? Yes, anything. This simple communication with a colleague at work. Huskies in social networks. Even a trip to the doctor in the clinic can cause a fit of jealousy. There is another jealous ex-spouses. Any mention of a former spouse can ruin the mood for the whole day.

So what to do? How to cope with jealousy? All easy and difficult. Need to stop watching a horror movie about betrayal. Stop looking for the answers to the questions of loyalty to the spouse. It answers the question and bring suffering. Independently it is very difficult to tame your jealousy and stop going in circles with jealousy. Moreover, attempts to overcome jealousy lead to the opposite result. Jealousy has double flowers bloom and you wind the new circles.

If you suffer from jealousy, don't hesitate to contact the specialist. It will help to make your relationship more harmonious and joyful.

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