Oh, it's the desire to eat! It's like a tornado, like a great wave may roll in and absorb without any chance for salvation. Or maybe, as a gentle breeze, a whisper from somewhere in the depths, persistently, compulsively and as if quietly pushing for what is already hundreds of times to promise not to eat. And that's a dangerous line, a line beyond which the joy of anticipation, and happiness from "eating", and maybe disappointment, self-blame and a promise that more "no-no". But that's for later :-).

sound Familiar? Many – Yes.

And it is possible to stay on the turn or even not even approach him. But then the treacherous thought: "one not afraid", "just a little, just try and not anymore", "okay, tomorrow will start as it should be!", "I already did(a) correctly, so the first time ever, you can continue", "I can't help myself!"... Continue to themselves? ;-)

the question arises – "What to do?" (and someone, and "Who is guilty?").

And the first response is to eat! Yes, you can eat during the day right. Regularly, not forcing themselves into the shackles of hunger long gaps between meals. Using adequate, high-quality, satiating food! And not the banal sandwiches/burgers/yogurt/pizza/cottage cheese/biscuits, and other "pleasures" of scientific-technical progress and the chemical industry. Formally, ate... but what? What does not satisfy, gives a bunch of "free" energy is addictive, disrupts the body and loves to be deposited on the visible parts of the body.

this alone helps many to solve the problem "unhealthy" interest in food.

".. but how? May not be so simple – eat right and all will be well. And the stress?"

Stress, repressed emotions, lowered self-esteem, dislike of themselves, improper eating habits, lack of direction in life, the opportunity to negotiate with them (the same excuses – excuses) and just a lack of pleasures, And...

All of this influence, but!

Before looking for something in the "delicate matters" - feed your body. Give him what you need, and try to protect from excess. It is only a "Thank you" I say.

Want to share with you a parable.

Talking two mystic. One says to the other:

- it is now difficult to find a good student! All some weak, unable to grasp the Teachings and Supreme wisdom. And one, you know, took and died.

- How he died? Just like that? – asks the second.

- Yes, lay down and died.

- what were you doing with him?

- As usual – answers the first mystic. – We read the mantra, doing special exercises, doing asanas, he even meditated for a few days without leaving their cells! And then lay down and died.

- And what he does not say anything before death that might help to understand the reason?

what he said special did not matter. He said, "God, when I will finally eat!".

Roman Trunov
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