is There a connection between stress and allergies?

I Can tell there is a connection at 100 %. 've seen this time and again from his clients. But the most striking story on this topic happened to my mother forty years ago. I was a student at the faculty of physics.

We rested with her to the sea, and gathered on the train to go to Sochi. Unfortunately, don't have time to buy tickets and the train was coming. Don't want to waste an hour before the other and went. At the time there was no service ticket in the car for such a latecomer.

I Sit, admiring the scenery outside the window. Suddenly mom jumped as if stung: the controller!

We got up and quickly started to run into other cars. Well, after 5 minutes there was a stop and we got out. Here already had time to buy tickets, and wait for the next train. On the mother face was not.

And what was wrong? In those days the riders did not even fined, and sent to the company on the Board of shame. My mother was afraid that her photo will appear in such a place. And she's a Communist, a respected employee.

my situation does not hurt. Well, hang the photo on the faculty, people will laugh, and that's all. Nonresident students used to get into such a situation with the tickets. Worst – nothing.

But my mother's body reacted very strongly to the possibility of shame. That evening she started having severe skin rash hives Allergy. And all stress induced.

In the Soviet Union, psychology as a broad assistance to the people, at that time almost was not. The faculties of this profession only opened in different universities around the country. About psychosomatics no one heard.

All the psychological wisdom boiled down to the phrase: all diseases from nerves. If the doctor saw that the patient is nervous, he's prescribed Valerian drops or medicine Pavlov. In the most severe cases – the Elenium. But the causes of stress, these funds had not been cleaned. And Allergy meds such as now, was not there.

Mother since then, every summer was suffering from urticaria. And in the winter sometimes it shows, if you fidgety. Treated, all that was then available, but the disease soon abated, and by the end did not retreat.

Now, when I became a qualified psychologist, that her Allergy I would have removed in 3-4 sessions. But then, these techniques were not.

If someone in your family suffers from such a problem, ask them, and after what event it started. If the Allergy appeared immediately after a stressful situation, so the problem lies on the surface and can be quickly removed.

But if the aggravation was on the rise, and no clear beginning, the cause may be much deeper. Such cases may require long-term therapy.

Another story from the present. Nowadays, there are already drugs that reduce the appearance of allergies and psychological techniques to deal with this problem.

Recently I was talking to my new friend. Word for word, about this and that. She complained that she has long skin Allergy, tired of meds.

I offered to work psychological methods. It turned out that the cause of the problem often experiences a relationship with a woman. Started healing reasons. This case, of those where allergies were not the result of one strong stress, and developed and amplified over a long enough time. That is, the required long-term therapy.

And here is the result. Quote from review: "After the first session, the allergies are much reduced. It became easier to relate to the situations her callers. I had energy to go about their business. Began to sleep better."

That would cure an Allergy, it is necessary not only to take medicines and diet, but also to remove the psychological causes of the disease. It is believed that the cause of the Allergy by 80% psychological. These are the reasons I can to help.

Petkov Olga
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