Is there a future for the family?


a Few decades ago to be single or divorced was ashamed. Raising a child alone was frowned upon by society! In addition, it was extremely difficult in financial terms.

Today we live in a comfortable society where women have become more independent, they can earn money and raise children.

In modern society focuses on happiness, harmony and love in the family. A woman can not afford to tolerate the misconduct of her husband for housing, financial support or fear to be called “mother”, which some time ago testified hopelessly low social status.

Today, psychologists say that the family structure does not determine her well-being. The child may be unhappy with two parents and a happy one! Have a happy complete and incomplete families.

Previously, marriage was seen as defined once and for all commitments! 

  • the Love affair is fleeting, but marriage is eternal.
  • Sexual human function has been implemented mainly within the family. 
  • For the birth of children it was necessary to marry! 

Today, value for others:

1. Adaptation

This is a spiritual, psychological, intellectual, sexual, and material compatibility.

2. Intimacy

It is the understanding, love, shared vision, common time, common interests, mutual.

3. Autonomy

It is necessary for modern man's psychological freedom.

Today the value of marriage indicate a higher quality of life for society as a whole and each person in particular! Orientation of modern society to the hedonistic principle, increases “standards” the choice of a partner!

Why today so many divorces. People today choose, in case of failure, divorces, then marries. This is the autonomy - the right to experiment.

But it does not mean the collapse of the family institution. This suggests that it is different!

In the West the family is today the main value of human existence. Divorce statistics have changed dramatically for the better!

In the end, the person is a social being and the family is most fully satisfied such needs as the need for love, acceptance and safe!

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