But there is a PRICE at health? the
About the Value health of body and soul.

Here I would like to quote Kuzma Scriabin "No matter how much your shoes years if you walk around Paris.”

Ask, and what's the General price and value of health?

And it's simple!

First , You walk in Paris, and it means that You could , Due to its health work!
And voila, You're in Paris!

Second - You can walk!

Third - You get positive emotions, and they - a shot of health!

When you're sick you're not up to buying the sneakers, not to Paris, of course not up to the job!

When you're sick
- you don't care what you're dressed in Sables or in Chesney nightgown
- you don't care what you eat, sometimes you just can't do it, there is some foie Gras or rolls, here at least want to eat!
- you are not important discos and movies, a new apartment or a old bike....

You're trying to control your body, BUT it SEEMS to!

!!!And here, at this moment, you remember the Value of his health.

You start to spend a lot of money, effort, emotions, time to enjoy life again and planning a new journey .

So why do WE say: "the Most valuable thing in life is health!" And in fact, did NOT appreciate it!

For holidays, birthdays we wish each other:" most Importantly Health !

what? NOTHING .... And that does not do for its conservation and enhancement!

We are scared to go at least once a year examination, we are afraid to hear the diagnosis, it seems like if we learn about it later, it will disappear .
no matter How many deaths could have been avoided!

Scared and ashamed to go to a therapist, psychologist and admit : "my SOUL HURTS". And this strange and incomprehensible attitude of "I'm Crazy? Why should I shrink?"

Scared to drink supporting our body products. Because it Supplements! But dietary Supplements Badam strife is beautiful enough drugs that prolong and maintain health !
We run to the pharmacy ( this is our mentality) and push in the pill unknown origin.

Oh YEAH, I almost forgot the most terrible thing I heard: "When I drink Alcohol I have no pain and the soul in particular. And as cigarette calms me down."
Everything is an illusion and excuses. I, too, thought different notions for yourself.
But the disease don't ask, they were waiting for us, to hit us where it hurts, and WE paid for their excuses ...

it is Easier to hurt, to suffer , to feel sorry for myself.
Because the health, as it is a RESPONSIBILITY!!! the
Responsibility for the decision to be healthy!!!
And how do you want to shift the responsibility to the other.Easier to blame the doctors, the government, neighbor, pharmacy, network marketing health , psychotherapist in their illness and continue to whine and cheer!

Price and value of their health establish you and only You! And how you want to be healthy and bring joy to themselves and others, will depend on the PRICE of Your health and Your HEALTHY LIFE!

Friends, and You know the PRICE of your health ?

With best wishes of health to You, I am a psychologist, Irina Lysenko

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