I Propose to recall the hero of the film Eldar Ryazanov “Beware of the car”.

Yuri Detochkin was taken more from some and gave it to those who have less. We enjoy watching this movie, and Yuri Detochkin cute and sympathetic. I have sincerely sympathetic. And you?

Share your reasoning has led me to visit a young couple (each higher education). They have been together for almost 50 years.

the girl's Request was the following: “I love him, we together for several years. We want to get married, but my mom is against it and tries to thwart the marriage. How to establish a relationship with the mother so she did not oppose my choice?”

the Reason for my mother's protest was that the chosen one spent time in prison for something that took away more from those who have had a lot. That's just all he kept and shared with those who helped him in this.

I didn't take those who live in poverty. I took those who are rich. And they don't lose anything if I take part, he explained his attitude to their own actions. – I was careless, lost my focus, therefore, caught. Now everything is different. I opened my small business. This is my cover. And live on the income from business is not enough for me. Want favorite of anything not needed.

- I understand that you are out of prison, continue to take more from those who have a lot and getting married, not going to abandon it? – I asked clarifying questions.

- Yes, but now I do it cautiously, I was taught how to do so as not to attract attention and not to arouse the suspicion of others, - he replied confidently.

"And you," I said to the girl, know all the consequences for yourself and your future children? If your favorite again is going to jail, what will you do? What do you say to your children about the dad?

- what's wrong with that? – we have each-other love. He has provided, I'm sure it will be with a good father and reliable husband. It will provide me and our children. He's not bullying the weak! – was the girl's answer.

- You have a right to their own decision and choice. A mother has a right to their opinion and their attitude towards your choice. Agree with this. Pick and choose your position or the position of mothers. It is your destiny and responsibility for your actions only, - summed up for me.

I remembered Robin hood. A hero who is sympathetic. He stole from the rich and give to the poor. It is unfair that someone has more and someone less. He “punishing” the offenders.

In 1917, also decided to punish those who were rich to give to the poor. To balance fairly. Violence as a good thing?

Robin hood, Bender, Yuri Detochkin and this young man with his associates to those who have little, it became more. They are all for justice? What is behind this philosophy? Maybe something else?

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