Is there happiness?

is There happiness?

What is happiness? Is there a definite answer to this question?
do you Know him, dear friends?
Happiness is... something... something... Ah... something...
Well, in General, it is clear that this is - happiness!:)

And because everyone probably wants to be happy? Right?:)
Maybe you could share your versions in the comments?
I think a lot of versions - we each have our own idea. And nuances of their own.

And I'll try to consider one of the options.


Sometimes we think that happiness is something that comes, when embodied our desires.
Sometimes one desire is becoming greater - it seems that the most important thing we need for happiness.

And we get the fulfillment of this desire and happiness just lay with his head)
As a wave of delight and satisfaction, which is filled with nothing comparable feelings.

Well, for example, the little boy really wanted a Bicycle. He long dreamed about it. Had to ride it. He asked parents to buy. Zavidyvat children who have a Bicycle there.
And finally, the father buys the bike! Joy boy no limit! He's happy!
a Day or two, a week, a month..?
And the severity of the feeling of happiness at the peak, when there's the bike! There was no yesterday, and today - here it is!

it Takes some time. The bike was already familiar and taken for granted.
Ride it, of course, great) But, usually.
And strong joy in itself, the possession of a Bicycle does not cause. Used.

But if you go with good friends to ride-interesting, that would be great! And fun:) And feeling great. Even despite the fatigue.

And it turns out that the feeling of happiness - it is in the process. In the process of setting up, preparing, waiting.
Not only, even in the receiving of something even much desired, namely in the desire - anticipation - realization.

Because of by itself to obtain what they wanted, gives a short-lived effect. Momentary, relatively speaking.)
the Wave of happiness at the moment of reaching, of course, covers!
But... Like all waves, there is the power growth comb, and roll.

just imagine, my dear readers, sea or ocean wave.
As she gradually goes to the coast.
It just is. With a hidden inside power. Moving. Is gaining strength. It is a process. Fascinating process.
- comb!

And then again quiet.
And to enjoy, so to speak, finish))
some time:)

But if "finish" is and all that... after a while, it is replaced by... boredom.
If you do not organize the process further.
And it is necessary to understand that the process is not only comb!

don't know if you've noticed, friends, that when we are doing some entertaining, we're for something and want to achieve something?
to invested efforts, time, some resource - strained.
And when achieved, we get the satisfaction, the pleasure, which would not have received if we just brought it on a silver platter.
That is, the process should be particularly simple and easy)) strangely enough, but we have to push, then the fun is real.

And if you generalize and try to formulate a summary, I would say, figuratively speaking, happiness is a side effect of the process that we're really passionate about.

the purpose of this process is of great importance, but it - is not important.
the point is we to this goal go. What thoughts, what feelings are tested. As we understand WHY we do it. Why are we going down this path. What feelings are tested.

Here is understanding why, and the feeling of anticipation of result and pushes us to the organization of this process. Gives meaning to our actions.
Forces - to do what we really want.
And experience during a variety of feelings - which are, for example, and is not always pleasant to experience. Yes, without it - well, no, because people by nature put a variety of feelings))
But integrally - happiness!:)

my Dear readers, understand what happened a little confusing...)) But really how is it)) next time I will try better))

I thank you, my dear readers, for your attention!
if you liked and you clicked on the "Thank you", thank you twice))

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Galina V.
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