When we talk about infidelity, it is important to understand that this is not the fault of one partner and the pain of another. It's about the relationship between two people.

family psychologists say that cheating is good or bad. Here you need to look at the situation thoroughly from all sides.
Treason is seen as a symptom. Symptom "something" tells both parties of the relationship. And the most difficult question that answer two: "Why is the symptom of a need or appeared in our relationship?"

There are several types of cheating in pair:
— avoidance conflict: two do not swear, do not come into conflict. People can pretend that they have no conflicts, but to feel the tension (or one of a pair of "is"voltage);
— the avoidance of intimacy in couple: two more far apart than close.
— the "empty nest syndrome": when a marriage of many years, the couple remains without children who have grown up and left, treason is to say that the partners are lonely with each other, and it (the cheating) fills the void. If two don't find the internal resources to changes in life together, the couple breaks up.
— sexual addiction: there is a pattern (template) of infidelity. Such patterns of behavior can get one of the partners is a generic scenario, where from generation to generation in the family played, infidelity, as one of the ways of unresolved conflicts. Most often, the partner is not very aware of why he needed the other, often, and he swears "it won't happen again".
— when one partner decided to leave and its nothing holds in the pair.

If the two decided to stay together, there is the illusion that people can start with a clean slate. But the relationship will not be the same. Already have pain one partner.
the Main for two is how to live such a period, what resources will the so-called guilty parties to give the wounded partner what he wants. Couples who go to work with cheating, discuss it and work with this event, they retain the relationship, as each partner remains the motive to be together. And it tells about the courage of the pair.

Yavorskaya Elena
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