the Vicious cycle of overeating.

to Paraphrase a famous phrase, we can say that "overeating happens!".

And slender people, and those who reduce weight.

However, this does not mean that overeating is not necessary to understand.

Just the threat lies not in the fact that people ate too much (in quantity and calories), because overeating is just a symptom.

the Threat is all that follows overeating.

Let us look at this in more detail.

This round (overeating – guilt – punishment – self-pity) is also called the circle of addictive behavior.

in Brief its essence is as follows.

a Person have overeaten, feeling of heaviness or even pain in the stomach, perhaps General discomfort in the body, the feeling of sleepiness.

After that often start automatically some thoughts-approval your address. "You have no willpower", "You glut oneself again", "Look at yourself!" "You're a cow", "could not hold", etc.

These thoughts automatically trigger feelings of guilt or shame. The man blames himself for what he did. That is, feels guilty.

As for the guilt, and especially shame, much more unpleasant than many other negative feelings that they want to get rid of. On a rational level the person is thinking what to do after overeating, at that time, on an irrational level, he's trying to cope with unbearable guilt and shame.


to Punish yourself. Of course, to "punish" on an unconscious level. A conscious person will think that he will sit tomorrow on a diet, or starve, or artificially induce vomiting now that the body did not get the extra calories, etc.

All this is not that other, as attempt to punish himself, as if to tell more precisely, but it is unpleasant – attempts to rape itself and your body.

From the point of view of physiology such punishment is dangerous in that it often provokes the accumulation of hunger in the body and slow metabolism.

And as violence to our inner world, our nature is unnatural, or, at least, not to punish yourself for a long time, sooner or later, there is a need to stop all this and somehow feel sorry for myself.

feel sorry for myself without the aid of food, often unclear, so the food comes to the rescue.

People overeat, and... the circle is closed.

Output where input.


This is only part of the truth.

And the second part is to answer the question of how a person gets into that circle?

Many people who reduce weight, it seems that the worst thing is the eating, and because of this all problems.

Again, what is really overeating – it's just the external visible symptom.

a Symptom of what?

There are 2 options.

the First is a symptom of some unmet emotional needs (rest, solitude, confession, love, etc.).

I don't know how to get what is very important to me (or, in more severe cases, I don't even know that something very important to me in my inner world) – and use food as a substitute.

the Second option I get this circle with only one purpose: on an unconscious level to confirm their basic installation about yourself. In particular, the installation of that "I'm bad". Or "I'm not worthy to be beautiful," or "I have no right to live."

And, if so, the overeating is just one of many ways to prove to yourself these settings. Say to yourself on an unconscious level: "See, see, you, again, overeaten, how then can we call you good." Or, "how then can you love, accept, respect, etc.".

Accordingly, all responses to the issue of what to do after overeating, can be divided into 2 groups.

the First "tactical". That is, what to do here and now, when I ate too much, in order not to punish yourself.

the Second "strategic". That is, in principle, not to fall into this circle.

so, let's consider what to do from a tactical point of view after eating:
  1. to Recognize that overeating happens, and that all people from time to time overeat.
  2. to Analyse why this happened to make this their experience.

And why could that happen?

Here are just a few reasons:

- you were so hungry and overeat.

- you were in the place where you were emotionally uncomfortable (or people that didn't want to be).

- once you have started with dessert instead of beginning to eat something hearty

you have enjoyed this conversation and missed the signal of fullness, etc.

Realizing the specific cause of overeating in this case, you can take a lesson and then to use it.

3. To do for your body something pleasant. Because usually people overeat because I something not so planned out. In a word, "nakosyachil" head, and he punishes his body then. In this case, you need to do things differently: instead of punishment to take care of your body. After all, it overeating exactly nothing good. And care can be in the form of a long bath, relaxing with a book, sleep, walking outdoors (not intended to burn extra calories).

What to do from a strategic point of view after eating:
  1. to carry out self diagnosis of their needs in the moment. Here is one (diagnosis the spheres of life)

you Can take spheres of life, and specific needs: love, intimacy, relationships with children, privacy, communication, recognition, material wealth, leisure, pleasure, self-realization. And each of these needs to assess whether she is now satisfied (for example, on a subjective scale from 0 to 10 points).

Next, pay attention to needs being met is less likely.

Ask yourself this one-time situation or a chronic? If chronic (i.e. long enough already this need "sags"), then perhaps here is the reason for overeating.

2. Realizing what is missing now most of all, you can sit down and think about the plan and what can be done to change the situation. that is, to struggle with overeating and guilt and begin to better meet their emotional needs.

3. If the issue is in the underlying attitudes of the type "I'm bad", then the most effective options is individual psychotherapy because to change such a setup on a rational level can be very difficult.


Even if you find it difficult to fulfill most of the items, just tell yourself every time I overate and began to feel guilty, that guilt in this case is absolutely unconstructive. And it's better just to overeat, and tomorrow continue to eat normally, you begin to feel guilty and start a vicious cycle.


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