Is there sex after birth of first child?


Sex in marriage is part of marital relations. Spouses expect that sex will be a lot that he will be pleasantly varied regular. In the fantasies of a pair of partners needs all the time “to want each other”. If the situation is not such that there is increased anxiety. Spouses often begin to believe that the weakening attraction to each other – it is a sign of the quality of the relationship, “the disease of marriage”. Then to withstand natural fluctuations in sexual desire associated with pregnancy, breast-feeding, stress at work, illness, becomes difficult. Sex tonight – provided the transfer of the main accent in the pair for him – one of the most troubling and vulnerable areas of married life. 

the statistics after the appearance of the baby (especially first child) two-thirds of the couples no longer feel satisfaction with the relationship. Couples argue more often easier to get annoyed. They don't feel the closeness and suffering from loneliness. Tenderness, passion, sex remain in the past.

Very rarely a woman immediately after childbirth wants sex so the same as before. Most often, breast feeding women lose interest in making love, but libido is restored when the breastfeeding period is completed.

Sexual desire is suppressed by fatigue and stress. Many mothers spend the first months after the appearance of a baby in a zombie state. They dream while about five minutes peace, and not about sex.

Most women at the time of pregnancy is gain weight, so I feel awkward and unattractive. Male as a rule, wants intimacy with wife it is offended by the detachment.

Problems arise almost all couples, but is rather successful sexual life for those who knowingly and open to their decision, don't ignore the problem, and discuss together.

THAT will HELP to improve RELATIONS?

  • recognize that the situation has changed 
  • to establish the emotional climate in family
  • to Express my appreciation and gratitude for all that makes a partner (with every kind word you become a little closer each other);
  • to tell your spouse compliments, praise what do you like (a woman after childbirth it is important to know she's still a good and, becoming a mother, has ceased to be desirable);
  • to talk to each other about sex. More happy in sexual terms, even after the birth of a child are couples who discuss sex without embarrassment. They are not take a defensive position, who openly Express their desires and listening partner;
  • to discuss their feelings and not to avoid conflicts. Detachment, coldness, closeness lead to the feeling of emptiness and desire to fill it. In relationships there is a crack. If in this moment, partners are choosing secrecy and silence, relationships can break down. Very often at this point the partner can think about the affair because of loneliness.
  • find time to be alone together. Feel free to give the baby to a grandmother, to a romantic evening. Studies have shown that supportive romantic feelings couples feel more happy. And happy adults — the best parents. Small children are not just feel as mom and dad, but and learning from them as can relationship look like.    the Best gift you can make your child — it's a happy and lasting relationship between you, his parents. 
  • If after all the recommendations, the problem is not solved, possibly you require individual counselling. Today you can get it from the comfort of home (via Skype), both personally and with a partner.

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