Is there sex after childbirth?

Breaks, flabby muscles, feeling milk jar — all mom. Chronic sleep deprivation – all. Endless diaper changes and ringing in the ears of a child's cry. This is the environment that young parents make their first, tentative steps into a new intimate life.

If the care of the newborn child is involved both parents, for the first month they forget about their gender. Maybe somewhere and there are crazy horses, are able after a week of lack of sleep to think about active use of the bed. But most forms of the native cushion red look in the eyes of men of other nicer all round the world. For women as it is normal to get lost somewhere among diapers, playing the role of an instrument of livelihood for the Orun Cobisenco. By the way, the cry of a child is a unique natural phenomenon. Its frequency and volume are selected in such a way that its impossible not to hear. And yet, it is impossible to get used to — unlike other irritants. Even tempered neighbours perforatrice and street night racers and people jump at any time from the stick into the children's brain overflows. But the need of the male organ under the influence of these sounds as quickly accepts the transport position.

So first sex of young parents is very similar... in Fact the first sex he recalls. Looked, listened, did the deed, half scanning the sounds of the environment with one eye open watching the bed. The result is expected pervorodnyi: "No, ice cream is better". The second time, predictably, will not happen soon. And there are already close to having to take turns to go into the bathroom with a smartphone at the ready. By the way, the problem of addiction in the second half to porn is one of the most frequent problems, which apply to psychologists and young parents.

So what's the deal? Faded feelings? Wife is not attractive anymore? Maybe partnership delivery caused revulsion to the very idea of reproduction? It is noteworthy that these and similar questions are asked usually the beautiful half of humanity. Like the issue of sex after childbirth is only for women. In any case, they often raise the alarm.

actually the thing is — the difference between male and female perception of the world in General and sex in particular. For women the intimate side of relations is an integral part of a happy married life. The ratio should be as high quality (or at least quantity). And after childbirth, feeling of physical and mental breakdown, a woman in need of sex as confirmation of his own appeal and the proof of love.

men normally to separate sex and love. Moreover, sublimation men are more likely to succeed. As one Admiral, "If a naval officer after the day of service can please his wife — so he is not laid out for the service." That is, the less need for sex because of the appearance of extra hassle and reduced quality of sleep for men — a normal and natural phenomenon. It is even more attached to my wife. Such is the disharmony. What do you do?

1. To begin to know and to consider features of the male and female body. This will help to avoid suspicion and accusations.

2. Talking to your partner. Openly share their feelings, feelings, fears.

3. Looking for a way to be together. In the first months of such an event is rare. But over time, your visits will happen more often.

Usually the observance of these three rules is enough to keep the marriage back harmony.

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