Sooner or later, the pair asked that question, but simple answer no, I think. The desire to have a child does not appear in one moment it becomes the result of conversations between partners, understanding what they need and in the end the willingness of at least one partner for this. 

What to do if you have a little over 30, but the desire has not appeared? I would suggest to take this fact as he is. If you are not want and the older generation, increasingly suggests that the time has come, it is not a reason to go on about their words. We live in interesting times, the generation of 60-70s had become parent at the age of 21-26 years, so they may feel that their children should follow in a similar path. But the generation of 80-90s is in no hurry early to have children. The opportunity to travel, build a career removes time for family and, I think, is quite normal.  If it is to realize and accept, it will be easier to answer stupid questions about when you plan to have children. And for me, this issue is very intimate, it affects the personal boundaries of family, which many don't know. If you are asking this question, then I would suggest to answer the question: “In your opinion I have to become a parent?”. Try and look at the reaction of the interlocutor.

What do you do if someone of the partners wants a child and the other not? Most important, I think, not to push and not demand, as it will only strengthen the reluctance of the second partner. I would suggest to gradually prepare the partner for the new role. If you are ready, the partner will gradually feel  your confidence. You can talk with your partner and find out why at the moment he's not ready, what he's got doubts and fears. But in any case should not try to dissuade him. All you can do now is to listen and to talk about their feelings. Then we will have more time for decision-making and understanding what to do next. If the desire to have children is important to you, then you can decide what to do next. But if you don't want children, it is also quite normal, many people have lived life without children and don't regret it. One life and should do as you want, a lot of advisers, but most likely they do not fully believe in the correctness of their advice.

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