История одной измены. Никто никогда не узнает.


This story is about the rare case when cheating does not undermine the basic relationship. The recipe is as follows: secure attachment with your partner, more social environment, lack of interest in creating relationships with her lover and top secret.

I consider myself to be the type of man who will never betray. Relationships are very important to me and intentionally, I'll never make your partner hurt. However, my life is a story I've kept secret. In fact - it happened only because was to remain a secret adventure, just for personal memories on cold winter evenings.

This happened over 5 years ago. I was happy, confident, calm, ambitious and very sociable girl. Thanks to the leadership skills, work in an international company it was decided to send me for an internship abroad for two whole months. My young man we met at that time already rather - with a light heart accompanied me to the airport, knowing - that it is a necessary stage in my career. Our relationship was strong and even thought about the jealousy did not arise neither I nor he.

I had a good flight, a new city I really liked was the atmosphere of adventure and excitement. The first night my colleagues and my company met to drink some at the bar. There we met with a group of teachers from our training center. One we especially got to talking and it was obvious that we had mutual sympathy. He was very charismatic, much older than me and clearly doing some sport professionally. Imagine my surprise when the next day it turned out that he was the curator of my unit.

the Ease of communication and mutual attraction with him - created a very special atmosphere. I have happily studied, actively behaved in the group and made progress. Once, after class, he, as a bonus for increased services, invited me to go to the movies, and some melodrama with the actor, which I liked. Of course, I agreed. We had a great time.

So last week. With my boyfriend we corresponded regularly and talked on the phone. I told him everything, except the details touching communication with the teacher. Why? I guess I was thinking that it could touch and I did not want.

on Friday evening we again went to the bar with colleagues and meet again with teachers. We talked, laughed a lot and told funny stories from life. When everyone began to disperse quietly - my lecturer invited me over to watch a movie. By the time the theaters were closed, so we went to his house. And he lived close by.

was selected as the film is stylistically similar to the one that we looked at last time. Somewhere in the middle of the film, just when there was some kind of romantic moment we started kissing. Alcohol has long exceeded acceptable norms and we give impulses to the fullest. All lasted until the morning and stay not like. Dawn, I got dressed and went to his home.

All weekend I had an amazing mood - as if life sparkle with new colors. Had a lot of energy, I feel great. My colleagues and I toured some museums, walked a few kilometers on foot through the city, eating all sorts of Goodies and I'm absolutely not tormented by remorse.

on Monday at school we looked at each other mysteriously, but remained neutral. So nobody suspected anything. It was a lot of fun. I chuvstvovala himself a James bond girl, no less. After school he casually invited me in. The road I already knew, brought the snacks and a good mood. The same thing happened again and was even better than the first time. The only caveat was that in the morning we had to get up for school and it was tough. After a sleepless night we were both slightly wrinkled, but the image needed to keep.

In General, so we met 2-3 times a week. We was good together. Humanly and without any prospects for the future. We all kept secret, he knew I have a boyfriend, and I didn't want to spend my life with him. I think that this combination gave much air to our fire. The sex was bogestvenniy. And every time like the last one.

Why I didn't feel guilty about your young man? I continued to love him as before. I also considered myself his girlfriend, and her boyfriend. My "learning" novel existed somewhere in a parallel universe. There was no damage to our relationship, he did not strike, and gives me a lot of physical pleasure.

I would even tell my boyfriend about everything. But under one condition. If I knew that he would not to bathe. To compare myself to him, to imagine us together, or to think that I constantly cheat on him. I for example know what makes jealousy a human so better not give her that chance.

When I got home - I was fresh, rested and full of pleasant memories. I think through this experience, our relationship became even brighter. My boyfriend never found out about this story. We dated for a year, then parted, by mutual consent.

Asel Muzafarova
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