It can mean a phrase of a man "I need to understand yourself"


Imagine the situation: you are with your man for quite a long time to meet and you are beginning to raise the topic of your future together and gentle. The man at this time was more silent than took part in all these conversations.

And in one "perfect" day, and all said that he needed time to figure things out and just walked away. You're in shock, because how so? We had it so good, you were going to get married and have a bunch of cute little kids, and then, like a bolt from the blue, "I need to understand myself."

the fact that maybe this is just what you were planning marriage and a future together with this man, but his plans could not log in.

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And even though you were fine spending time together, but family creation is quite another level of responsibility that your man can be just not ready to take on. And then he needs to "sort himself out".

He just "puts" your relationship "on pause" for a month and from him no hearing, nor spirit. Because he understands himself: listen to yourself and your feelings, trying to understand how much he misses you it's time better or he lived with you or now, when he is "himself master". Trying to "measure" the strength of their feelings for you and to understand whether it's love, it's such a big decision - marriage, then we must all carefully weigh and consider. This is probably how you think it looks. It is quite possible that so.

But what else can mean these "showdown in itself":

"I kind of like and want to be with you used to, honey, but take a walk want a new try ,and you wait, still you will wait. I'm here to tell you I love you and you believe ,as I do in parallel, I will be texting and hanging out with others, all the same, you will be waiting,and to me it should be,because if I don't find better, I'll come back to you and you will forgive and accept.

And then I will say that no one spoke ,but just to figure things out. And now I finally have it all figured out and returned to you. Rejoice, because I love you! I was here the other day right got an idea."

And here dobavitsya to your beloved in a month, because he still was better than without you and you will start odes about love and sing about how much he missed you, and you waited for him, and believe and accept immediately.

Here, of course, only the choice is yours. But as for me, if, in order to understand whether you want to live your whole life with this man and whether he's the best, we need to go somewhere "to understand yourself", then something is wrong ... It's not about love.

For even taking the man back, you can still feel the resentment and misunderstanding, or constantly be afraid that you again can leave some and go "deal". You simply will not be able to fully trust this man as it was before and this feeling, like rust, may eventually completely "corrode" your relationship.

So, first of all respect yourself and others. If your man decided to go "deal" - well, that's his right and choice. And he has already done. So time for you make your selection - a choice in favor of mutual feelings and happy relationships.

Relationship where no one will need months to sort himself out and when he comes, especially for the two of you time you both feel ready - ready to love and life go hand-in-hand with your loved one and it will be vzaimno.

Love and understanding to you! Beremite each other bbe happy!

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sincerely, your psychologist Victoria Kirsta supervised over

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