the Most severe psychological trauma

follow circulating about the "cast drinking-Smoking" and treatment of "incurable" psychosomatics, revealed the most difficult to treat group. In psychological terms, it is not only a conversion disorder.
BUT! and only a blind, stubborn to Holiness, the belief that they are loved and they are needed. And they understand (guess) that their faith did not really worth it.

Just hold on to faith as a process. As the core of personality. And so I live. Once, a long time, alone, pretty quickly "devalue in trace elements" ...

Among adults, most often it is leaders, successful in business people, which dedicate themselves to the “business of life”. Sincerely thinking that those who are close understand and support them. When it happens in their non-professional life “sharp turn” realize that others are “like-minded” illusion.

After that, the study group is divided into two functions: one tear fake social environment and go into the world in search of a better life;
I Must admit that many of these do wonders of personal achievement, create a new family, a new business, but repeats all over again.

Their motto in life remaining, can be described as a winged expression of Bushido (samurai code): Soon will fall silent Light Soon to be extinguished... the Sound... the Success of one brave man always encourages the zeal and courage of a generation".

others (the majority) make it clear that they understood, but remain with the same environment while remaining their donor (energy, creative, inspirational, money, etc.) Here's a motto other than the poet: "I have reached for humanity of heights, but life was given "for free". Will repeat this is too strong-willed people. They're just in favor of circumstances to choose to live with pain, because surrounding could not bear this: Here's a striking figure:

this is Particularly painful in the age point of no return either to start anew (it's 30, 40, 50 years)

Any methods to permanently go into the trace state, thanks to which, after a time, the brain of such a person finds positive happened to him in this life.

Any other therapy, leads to an increase in suicidal ideations (don't forget that this strong will of the people)

Podkatilin Nicholas
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