For the record: "Sinusitis – an inflammation of the maxillary (maxillary paranasal) sinuses. Accompanied by difficulty of nasal breathing, mucopurulent secretions from the nasal passages, intense pain in the nose and on the nose, and a rise in temperature of the body”. Sinusitis can be presented in three stages: primary, acute and chronic.

overall - a bad story: my own experience and the experience of working with clients it is a confirmation.

a Case of practice ( agreed with the client).

Male, 40 years old, married with two children, is socially successful and popular. Cause of treatment - sinusitis, high blood pressure the last 3 weeks. Is medical support, which gives a weak effect, the recommendation of the attending physician - contact the psychologist (psychotherapist) for the additional work in question.

during the first session of the P. behaves “right”: well spoken, interesting person; describes their achievements in business and proud of the birth of children and their success in school, but “suddenly” came the sinusitis, which “sent” in the hospital “away from home”. (A figure of speech surprised me).

they Also found that sinusitis began after news that the wife of my client is male, and the father of a second child - not him. “at First I wanted to get a divorce, but then I realized that you still love your wife.. I spent a lot of time to forgive her ( meditated, attended special trainings, etc.). I forgave! But immediately got sick.”

At different stages of the disease sinusitis is accompanied by various nasal discharge and headache. Working with these symptoms, we find out that behind these phenomena is a large number neochorion tears*. My client said that “forgiven her, but something inside disagrees: it is rebellious, to be angry: “it shouldn't be! I don't agree. I don't want to accept what happened"!)

in Other words, do not fool yourself..Sometimes customers metaphorically describe sinusitis as “the appearance of horns on his forehead" or desire “to rest against the wall and move it, but she moves”. “Speaking” description sympotmatic, because “ I disagree: everything must be different!” But, otherwise did not happen.

What if right now you have a runny nose or suspected sinusitis?

Small exercise

1. Listen to the symptom. What was it like? How would you describe it?

2. See the symptom as something amorphous, as a kind of energy. What color it is, what temperature and texture?

3. Spread this energy through the body. (ATTENTION! Nothing wrong or environmentally unfriendly can not happen, because the symptom is a part of me, a hidden resource that is begging to be manifested in my life).

4. You enter in a particular state. What it is and what it is like? Perhaps it is a feeling of relaxation and meditation, concentration and greater power of calm, ease, silence, or movement? There are other options!

in Other words, that this symptom does to you: makes you relax, become better, or to feel its power?

5. As you see from this condition on themselves and their situation?

6. Now that your symptom: it is stronger, weaker or there is also? If you feel better, at the expense of what?

7. Remember 2-3 a situation where this condition would be necessary in the past, present or future.

good Luck.

* Similar mechanism of development of symptoms of sinusitis.

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