jealous told and written a lot, but despite this many will fall into her web. Some say: "is Jealous – means loves", is it? In support of this proverb, we can say that jealousy is evidence of indifference to the person and the presence of strong feelings for him.

does this Mean that the stronger the jealousy, the stronger the love. I think not. Jealousy is based on a biased distrust, and love in boundless faith, beloved.

a Jealous man seeks to obey his partner. He requires that the partner was completely dependent on him. What is the reason of jealousy?

Consider some of them.

  1. self-doubt, or so-called "inferiority complex" felt by a jealous partner. He's just afraid that his beloved people will find someone better than him, and if the field of view gets jealous more worthy, in his opinion, the opponent, it gives him a strong sense of fear from the possible loss of a loved one.
  2. Rumors, spread by envious. Mostly jealous of people with failed personal life who could not bear to see others happy.
  3. Thoughtless behavior of one of the partners, long separation, flirting, etc.
  4. the Betrayal of the jealous man who believes that if he is capable of treason, and his partner is also ready to change

At the heart of jealousy is the desire to keep a partner. But it turns out the opposite, distrust, suspicion, showdown become so unbearable that destroy love and contribute to the disintegration of a relationship.

the Constant, exhausting feeling about her favorite cause deep suffering and very jealous. Unreasonable fits of jealousy insult and hurt the feeling of a loved one. Jealousy grossly destroys and kills love. There is no use and no sense.

Jealousy is pointless anyway, because if you love that others don't need, and if you like little or no love, the more jealousy will not keep.

Love is respect and trust, and jealousy is the attempt to catch in a lie.

Love is the freedom of feelings, jealousy – chains.

Freedom is a very important element of a close relationship, as they say "the Best way to keep a man is to let him go".

Elena Barkhatova
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