Jealousy, as and care can be a pleasant, and perhaps to strangle...


Who was jealous, he knows that it's an unpleasant feeling, but, like all other human feelings, it has every right to exist. The point is how this feeling is strongly manifested and how it affects relationships, reinforces them, or, on the contrary eats away like acid.

Yes, Yes jealousy can also be positive, just all necessary measure.

for Example, if we consider a concern, it is a very cute and nice when a man cares about you and really cares, expressing it with phrases like: "Call me when you get there", "what time you'll be home? You reheat to eat?"
another version of the alleged concerns – "Not so fast, drove into the oncoming lane, speed to no more than 60 km/h" and those manuals and instructions to call every 10 minutes to ask "are you all right?" or another example: "I care about your health, so today we eat only vegetables and fruits and no meat – it is harmful"

the first option is to care for the partner and respect for him, the second concern is about themselves and their feelings while thoughts, feelings and desires of the partner are not considered.


as with jealousy. About her we must say! It is important to convey the true information right! to Speak about their experiences, and not to tell another how and what to do or not to do.

for Example,

- "you Will communicate with her (him)..." and then any manipulation: then I'll divorce you, will hang, too, find me somebody, etc.
+ "I hate and I get jealous when you hang out with her (him), for me is unacceptable this communication, I think it is not respectful partner."

a couple of moments, why you should not remain silent about jealousy and relive all the unpleasant feelings to themselves, not wanting to seem jealous,

first, describing their experiences and thoughts causing jealousy, will you ensure that the partner that information, which he may not even guess, considering it's completely harmless and meaningless.

second, so the message you show interest in your relationship, living feelings and emotions, not indifference and iron tolerance to everything that occurred.

Still make sense to consider where does jealousy in your case. Whether it is caused by the behavior of your partner or is it something of her own unconscious, such as fear of loss, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, behavior patterns of other people, etc.

Jealousy is often manifested in a pathological form, if people do not know their own boundaries when there is no understanding where it starts and ends with the identity of another person. Such people are, as a rule, dissolve in a partner, "stick" and believe they have the right to control others at will.

If you realize that jealousy ruins relationships and makes life miserable, but to cope does not work, then it makes sense to discuss the issue with the psychologist.

dealing with jealousy starts with understanding yourself...

Merkuriev Lyudmila
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