Jealousy: jealous constantly

the feeling inside that covers the head and takes all thoughts. It is bursting covers heat, directs consciousness.

Jealousy is a very popular feeling. It occurs

  • to other women (men)
  • Hobbies and friends partner
  • parents
  • to work
  • to success.
What is jealousy?
I would put it in range with envy, envy, to feelings, to thoughts, to the interests of  Affairs of another person.

where There is jealousy, there is no place for peace, harmony and happiness. It's a tense, nervous atmosphere and life like hot coals.

is it Possible to get rid of jealousy?

Can in the knowledge that this can't go on, and on the understanding that jealousy sends life.

Today will touch on the most common types of jealousy that occurs in women.

1. Jealous of other women (colleagues, passing by,)

the Main message of this jealousy: "I'm not good enough for you" and sometimes it is really groundless.

a) realize that you have already chosen for exactly who you are

b) discuss with your man that he's attracted to these girls with pictures, or by passing

b) discuss how it is important for him to see these qualities in you (if hair can be colored, the legs extend will not work)

d) regularly find themselves in dignity, seek for anything yourself, you can praise today.

d) write out all your worries, what are you afraid of, what are you waiting for - all that's bothering you.

2. Jealous of his work.

the Main message of "Me a little of your attention".

And it may be true. There are men for which the job priority (for life, either for a certain period of time)

that Is his right.

a) you can make a choice: "if I'm Ready to be in second place (while or for a lifetime, but to be with this person?

b) talk and Talk: about your experiences, feelings, and thoughts. trying to build a "schedule of meetings" weekend leisure. This method works very well especially in the beginning.

C) Make a list of their priorities compare with the priorities of the men. Maybe it's time to make a choice (paragraph "a")

3. Jealous friends, and Hobbies.

It also has a place, particularly in men aged 20-30 years.

See item 2 (a,b,C) or wait, when the man "enough". And very often, when we unclench the hand and let go, the man "arrives" back to us.

And that's just three points that I have highlighted today.

some Little men like jealousy from a partner.

Maybe in small doses as a rare spice, like a spicy dressing to refresh the feelings between people. But jealousy is very hard to control.

In the next article I will talk about how "friends" with jealousy and use it to their advantage.

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