Jealousy rises in the soul of a powerful tsunami of feelings🌊 - rage, hatred, revenge, leading to loss of reason, and the example is Othello, the women's version of the story of Medea. the
✔the Absorption of this feeling in some people can cause thirst activity, lead to “blind” of rage, of revenge, pursue the rival, the hatred and desire to punish your lover, which can lead to tragic consequences.

💘At the heart of such experiences is, according to the analyst Peter Cutter, supplanted by the experience of frustration (involving strings of relationships with parents in the Oedipal period - age 3 - 6 years), of abandonment, of loneliness, of humiliation or narcissistic (as ME could do that?!). In the paranoid version, control, a desire not to leave the desired object of love, persecution - fear that someone wants to break in and destroy the relationship, and to see in them and “defend” its territory. You can understand how these feelings are debilitating and separating from reality.
🖤Real vivid example of the dialogue with the customer “I had health problems, it was urgent to do the surgery, but I could not leave my wife unattended at this time, someone else could have spotted in and out. I need to prevent it. Even so, doctors insisted on surgery and the first thing coming out of the anesthesia I called her on Skype, to make sure she's home alone”....

♻Another option, when jealousy, displaced and isolated... And the whole affect of the tsunami wrapped itself.
the cost of the physical and mental diseases - neuroses, depression associated with a deep sense of loneliness, abandonment, hopelessness, self-torture, such people in the relationship show nonchalance, callousness, neutrality.

to Conclude I want to quote Peter Kutter
“Each of us to decide how to dispose of their jealousy. If we realize that we all experienced in childhood feelings of helplessness and extreme dependence that all of us once threw for another, that such an experience is the pattern of human development, then we will have strength in order to come to terms with reality and not to pay disease for the inevitable losses. Recognising the inevitability of the painful feeling of helplessness, we get a chance to mobilize and realize the potential of psychic energy, which are fraught with jealousy and other passions. As a result of interpersonal relations will only benefit would be more intense and fruitful”

Psychologist Victoria Nosenko

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