- Give me the phone.

- Why?

- Well, simple.

- Just? Why do you have my phone?


- see What?

- You hard phone to give me?

- Yeah, what you want to see it?

Dasha jumped up from the couch. “Yes, and fuck you!”

She rushed to the kitchen and why-that began to rattle the dishes. “Well, please! Trust! How can there be trust? All passwords, everywhere do not go and none of your business. Of course, it's just my personal space, I don't like when he climb. Yeah!” Peremyl all two plates that were in the sink, Dasha put the kettle on. Ivan was in no hurry to the kitchen. She looked out the doorway. He also phlegmatic watched the show. Had to go on the second run.

- hurt Me! - giving a voice to all the possible sad tone said Dasha.

- You will starve to take? Ivan was not angry. His face was as if saying: “again?”

- But you persist!

Persist? It is called so? Honey, how many times have I told you that I love you so much that I need you? I'll say it again. I love you very much! I hate when you're trying to dig into my phone, as if expecting there to find something. I see that you don't trust me.

- Well, give me the phone, I see that there's nothing there and going to trust!

Ivan frowned and sat up on the bed. Dasha suddenly scared. Why it is so. The scandal out of nothing.

- Okay, I'm sorry! quickly she snapped and ran up to kiss her husband. - I don't know what came over me. To make you some tea?

Ivan looked at Dasha. “Well, until next time" - flashed in my head.

- Yes, sweetheart, do green please.

- You're not mad?

- No. Happen.

Dasha flew to the kitchen in a sincere attempt to understand what was happening to her.


- Honey, where are you?

- I in a cafe. To October.

- With Vika?

- Yes.

- ends Soon?

somewhere in an hour.

- Well, I'm a film look.

Lena put the phone down. Vika was slightly suppressed quarrel with her boyfriend and now they worked together on the analysis of the situation on the theme: “Who is to blame? What do we do now?" Lena was hungry and was looking forward to ordered Caesar. Outside the window was rapidly getting dark.

- Well, what was I supposed to do? Silent? I can't keep quiet whenever he was unhappy? I'm human and I have feelings!

Lena nodded understandingly. In principle, all the history of the Wiki had the same sad hue. He was hurt, and she suffered, but could not resist and there was a scandal. Already even got. I needed to decide once and for all, whether guy Wiki is a fool and an insensitive tyrant and it would be better to leave, or wick badly stretching the truth and finds pleasure in, that felt sorry for her. Lena saw the reason in the second, they don't really go into the details of the drama. Caesar was placed on the table and she was glad to switch to food.

- Hey! - a familiar voice from the side.

Lena turned and found Igor. Your Igor happily waving his hand.

- Oh! - she exclaimed, - You said that the movie will you watch?

- why I have decided for you to come and see how you were doing.

Lena's Left eyebrow went up. Igor periodically do such things. Took and came in 5 minutes after the call. She was glad to see him, and he always came happy, but something strange was beginning to enter into the ritual action. Lena looked at Igor. He casually looked around. “all right!” I thought Lena “Can he ever did understand that I was not going to change?”.

As all in the head so firmly settled ideas about infidelity? Where? And how it affects the quality of life?

permanent fear of being alone can develop into an obsession. And the ideas tend to be confirmed. Will look approximately so the chain about the fact that his wife constantly suspects her husband of infidelity: “Well, if she thinks I'm cheating on her, why be faithful?” or “go away! Why be guilty without guilt?" Not nice when you're trying for the family, and the answer is not only no gratitude, but also groundless accusations. It can be emotional burnout. "Again, Jamie? Well, let make trouble. No difference”. This usually ends the matter. Series decide the same issues with special effects leads to the breakdown and not wanting anything else to solve it.

Here, of course, there are the secondary beneficial. For example, if you shout in the hearts of the “You don't love me, you change me!”, then the answer is likely to expect to hear: “No! What-you! I love you very much! Please do not invent!”. That is, it is a way to become convinced that you are loved. But there are other more appropriate ways and it is better to resort to them. Because, one day, and hear: “Yes, I don't love you and change. Yesterday was the first time”. It was a fiasco. Not worth it to bring this up.

moreover, such communication is also a specific superimposition of the image of the wrong (incorrect) to a loved one. Question: why do it? Why do you want to see your spouse in a bad light? Cheating, deceiving, betraying? If we decide for the person what are his thoughts and what he's doing, it's best to draw yourself a nice picture. Thinks like more money to travel earn, hurry home, enjoys the comfort and communication. It's nicer and more productive. Of course the images it is better not to apply at all. Because you can not get. And if I do not think it is impossible at all, think about the good.

We can't control other people. It is a painful illusion. We do not have such capabilities and powers. We can only control ourselves. His fortune, his life. And the main task will learn to do it. To be friendly a loving wife, interesting, successful husband. The person with whom you want to spend the time to have sex, to chat, to leave the city. All the energy we spend in order to make the other person hasn't gone anywhere much more effective to spend on its own development. Because that's what we really can do.

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