Jealousy and how it is dangerous.


it is believed that 15-20% of people with pathological form of jealousy is very similar in its symptoms and manifestations with severe psychosis. Sometimes jealousy grows even mental disorder.

What is the danger of jealousy?

Superficially, it would seem relatively innocent trait actually leads to difficult relationships, constant digging in yourself and your partner, clarify the relationship. Comes to obsessive monitoring of the partner's actions in social networks, monitoring his movements, vyschityvanii time on the road, phone calls to friends and girlfriends. the
Only here for love jealousy is not irrelevant - it's all about low self-esteem. br>
this is the main problem - the roots are growing, as always, from my childhood. And very often here starts to work "scheme abandonment": as a rule, the jealous one-parent families, parents divorced or the father was a third-party relationship. In the end, the child just received less care and attention, there is painful conviction of uselessness and worthlessness, accompanied by the alarm occurs. br>
Living in trouble - not comfortable. Not very comfortable. Remember when time is not paid a salary or living under the threat of dismissal. The same feelings arise when fits of jealousy. POPs up a belief in their own irrelevance and efektivnosti (for example, once in contact, like put someone means exactly to me something is wrong.) The jealous man trying to keep the partner under control, not let go to gatherings with friends, everywhere seeks out the slightest danger to the relationship. What is love?! Here in the first place the instinct of self-preservation, which makes to attack or escape. Very often people with jealousy especially the first break off the relationship, not to suffer. br>
Independently zeal to work hard. No matter how beautiful and interesting you are, still a wily competitor better than you. And with reduced self-esteem to pick yourself a breeze. Remember the tale of the sleeping Princess? "I only weapon in the fairest of them all, all the more beautiful and whiter?" No? Not one? All sleep lost!. br>
Man trapped with your loved one to leave do not want, but to stay and suffer even harder. br>
Even remembered a tale about Bluebeard. There's talk about a more serious disorder - paranoia. She requires treatment by a psychiatrist first delirium of jealousy defies logical arguments. But here I will not stop. br>
As it is correct? It is logical that if the problem stems from low self-esteem - improve self esteem with a psychologist or psychotherapist, we can do that. Yourself to stop being jealous is very difficult, almost impossible. Jealousy is a symptom, not a cause.

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