🔺 whether There is healthy jealousy?
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🔻 When it becomes toxic?

For a healthy person, jealousy is a healthy anxiety (slight excitement, "I want", "I") with readiness to action, that is, feeling gives energy to action and the ability to differentiate - who I'm jealous of someone I'm jealous (if I'm jealous of your child - it is more to idiocy, mental retardation; if jealousy of parents is a symptom of schizophrenia, etc.).

In a healthy field, I'm jealous partner in official relations. If jealousy arises to the foreign partner the field is more unsteady.

who's jealous?

This question gives a diagnosis for me (it's closer to a healthy option). In such a situation (when there is a feeling of jealousy), a person begins to explore his field.

for Example, experiencing the feeling of jealousy to make not the problem, and the clarity that I needed to take in order not to be jealous, comes the need to clarify the relationship, can bring some interest in the lives of most couples (gifts, cooking delicious food at home work - creating comfort), that is, the man in the relationship makes not a problem, but positive pleasant experiences - the main task to bring to life interest.

Jealousy is a sense offset by a stranger, not a loved one.

for Example, a woman is jealous of thin women (I'm missing something (feminine) that something is wrong, and roar on this occasion). When narcissistic personality disorder instead of to do something (to start doing themselves) by manipulation, and then one limits the activity of another.

Neurotic (not disturbing) will just be something to do and the feeling (the energy for action will be fully used in business) will go.

When jealousy always three objects, when the envy is only two objects. When you're jealous is correctly I think, plan my life. Differentiating I get zone envy, to the dyadic relationship: jealous of who? - (if I was a woman, the envy of another woman, I am man, the man) and then to accept what you have or if you want, start doing something about it. Develop feminine qualities if I'm a woman, if a male, to discover and develop that masculine quality that I don't reach full value.

it Turns out that healthy jealousy is that feeling, thanks to the energy allocated to which people can begin to explore themselves and thereby to develop what it lacks of the sense of self-worth.

I Wish everyone when this feeling comes to detect it, to accept and to take as the momentum in the direction of intrinsic value, while on a little get a little better than I am now. This full process is important and necessary in these troubled times.

Your friend, Helena Stankevich.

Helena Stankevich
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