Jealousy is the sister of irresponsibility..


Jealousy green-eyed demon, all the mind breaking is, who is it possessing..Jealousy I trainerbase in article with the same name. This article will tell you how it manifests itself in the real interaction between a man and a woman.

the Couple, in their thirties, in the history of every divorce and child eventually. Both are beautiful, successful and not confident. Met, hit it off and quickly dived into the maelstrom of love that broke out between them with a bright flame of the senses. A week later began living together in her apartment, until it began a major overhaul. It would seem that else is necessary for happiness when two people find each other and so a maximum match in all.But it was not there. Cohabitation combined with the process of knowing each other is actually a very difficult option for immediately settle all romantic sequins, plenty of which paint the reality of love, and detects the dullness of existence each day, make any , even the most petty quarrels gloomy and dull.

How to decorate a relationship, how to make them vivid and life-affirming? Each will have their own versions. The man in this couple chose jealousy as a tool of emotional buildup of these relations. And he quite logically explains their jealousy, their strict moral principles, of Eastern education, a focus on the purity of women. The woman really wanted to be there for him and took it all for granted, began to work with him, so as to meet the requirements of your partner. And even he himself expressed a desire to overcome his jealousy, but the expression of desire in principle, all ended.

Time went by, the perfection of the woman's behaviour was admired, but jealousy only intensified. Again, the search for the causes of jealousy, which led to the fact that are not yet healed the wounds of past betrayals of women. wounds "patched, healed and even the stitches removed and scars smoothed". But jealousy only intensified and was taking on the scale of absurdity that led to the rupture of these relations.

the Two broke up. but not far away from each other. He did repairs in the apartment , furnished it with new furniture and started a new" life......inviting her the woman who was in love in the hope that now they will have to cope with jealousy. But it was short-lived, for the zeal he settled with them in the new apartment.

again, work on the jealousy. And injuries worked and confidence grew, and the woman next to loving myself and for a year together....And we need to make a decision on, the two of us move through life, and if Yes. how-in what format. And here POPs up this interesting nuance. To the question-" are you Ready to marry this woman?", the man replies : "Yes, how to cope with jealousy."

Start "to spin this phrase, and POPs up from the bottom of muddy streams of jealousy...irresponsibility. Yeah, not ready to take responsibility for managing their own emotions. yeah not ready to take responsibility for building a relationship and creating a family, but not ready to look for real bright colors for "painting of a beautiful relationship". yeah not ready to take responsibility for own growing up.....Yes, never willing to take responsibility..enough of that at work responsible for serious objects.. And in order to conceal their irresponsibility, it is necessary to switch attention from her partner, and not just switch and make it all my order to justify their inability to be responsible in their lives and in their relationship with a woman...Jealousy-as a major reason why our relationship hasn't turned into a more serious format, it must be the fact significant, but how honest? The question is rhetorical.

Responsible to you relations!! Love each other!

Cozy and warm winter!!

I would be glad if my articles, you will be useful in the practice of your life!

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Tatiana Savenko
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