Jealousy of the child

        Recent times are increasingly faced with the demands of clients associated with how to overcome his jealousy towards the child. And if earlier this question was more relevant for men jealous of his wife to the sons, but now I treat women. They're jealous of their men, husbands to the daughters from his first marriage, nieces and other children, rolling his scandals and threatening to leave. What happens? Where does this jealousy and what to do with it?

         In jealousy there is always a reason, often not one. And if the jealousy of a grown man may stand self-doubt or partner, the conductive jealousy a child can be:

Childhood traumas. Lack of parental love in childhood. In this case, at the moment when the partner will take the time not You and the child's emotions of loneliness, abandonment, despair and helplessness washes over and with them will be very difficult servicesfinancial or lack of parental instinct. The lack of involvement of a jealous partner in a child's life, the lack of their own children can lead to lack of understanding of how and why attention is needed by children.The identification of a child by a previous partner. This is true for those who experience jealousy to children from a previous marriage. In such a situation to spend time with the child is treated as if partner went with the former for a date.So how to stop being jealous?

Think about your childhood and trying to share what happened in childhood with his parents, from what it is now. After all, Your partner is not Your parent, and You have grown up and now not a little kid, and adult chelovecheski more time to the child, if it was Your child and try not to be present at the meetings of Your partner with a child in a situation where it is not Your child Try to think about what might support You in moments of jealousy: maybe it's thoughts about how much You love Your partner than trying to make You happy, etc.Try to distract, do some sport, meet with friends, do some will celabraties to a specialist for professional help. Childhood traumas can be quite strong, we don't remember how I felt when I was a kid, but according to Z. Freud - all that is repressed from childhood, would again be lost in adulthood.What do the partner who is jealous of the baby?

try to keep all conversations and communication, the three of us to the minimum in a situation when the child is not common and, conversely, to engage in the process of raising a child as if it is a joint child schedule regular meetings with the child, so that Your partner had the opportunity to prepare or to occupy themselves with something at this time.Try to avoid child phrases that can hurt the partner, for example. “This is my favorite boy/girl”, “My pleasure” and St. Talk with your loved one, try to explain to him that it can not be compared with the child. Think of how to pamper Your mate, if You have a day that You spend on baby, let Your passion this day be a day of fun, eg., in the afternoon meeting with friends, Spa or shopping

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