have You ever seen how babies see the world?

In their eyes, you can read the fear, curiosity, confusion, or surprise... anyway, this is a very strong emotion - FEAR

We are afraid of what surrounds us, because from birth dependent on the world and those around us and can't control it

And if the people around do not create for the child a sense of security, he learns for life - the world is DANGEROUS. You can'T trust

It may be the aggression of the parents of the child (if not wanted), or to each other (if do not live together), or dangerous situation (war, for example), or overly anxious parents (who grew up in a family of three previous examples).

This occurs at a very early age, from birth to three years, before the child will be able to remember something and realize. This is a very strong fear that the man carries through his entire life, and it must be such as to cope

It may seem strange, but humor is a very effective weapon against fear. "Don't be serious - nobody will attack. Don't take anything seriously, nothing can scare you" says the man, his inner voice, and the man finds comfort in that.

Such people rarely stay in one place, in one operation and in one relationship - driven underlying fear, they are not going against the current, but across it; believing in nothing and to anything not tied, they get what other people call luck. They do not seek to develop its intellect, while remaining large children with such a simple and pure soul. They create the chaos, not wanting the evil, and often become the heroes of unbelievable stories. Loki and Bender, soldier Svejk and Emelya are great examples of such characters called trickster.

the Output from this role difficult, but possible. It is the knowledge of its own aggression, to establish contact with her to separate from others and become self-reliant. In it one finds genuine autonomy, which subsides the constant fear and there are new questions.. But this next time..

Vladimir Rybalko
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