Как избавиться от душевной боли.


How to get rid of emotional pain.

What is heartache, knows each person. Not once in life we had to suffer from various kinds of troubles and problems – quarrels with relatives, infidelity, and dissatisfaction with oneself and life, failure and failures in the profession, envy, frustration... so who knows what else. The condition is very painful and agonizing.

I just experienced the mental anguish and know firsthand how hard it is to leave this state and return to a balanced, happy life. However, I own one of the most effective ways of relieving emotional pain and want to share it with you, my dear readers. It is called the DRAIN.

the Drain is one way to relieve internal stress or you can say that it is a way of getting rid of emotional pain. Plum teach in the school of Cultural-historical psychology, founded by Cavalini Konstantin Dmitrievich in the second half of the IX century and developed at present Shevtsov Alexander Alexandrovich (https://www.b17.ru/blog/99248/).

the Advantage of draining is that it is easy to use and affordable for almost any person, even those without psychological education. This means that you can yourself at home use the sink to rid yourself from unpleasant feelings and peace of mind.

so, what needs to be done. You will need a blank sheet of paper and a pen, pencil, whatever you like. Write in the middle of the top sheet today's date. A month it is better to write the word.

Next, tchernia solid feature from edge to edge of the sheet of paper. Thus, you will discover a space that will merge that tormented your soul to be free and close this paper.
below the line you should write the word DRAIN as the title to hold the task – to pour out on paper all the negative, which does not give you live quietly.

Now, write all that you suffer. Pour out your feelings on paper, like pouring water from one vessel to another. Just write what comes to your mind without hiding anything and without embarrassment. After all, no one but you, these records will not see and not read. To be sincere with yourself is one of the most important rules of discharge. If you are going to invent or to distort what I feel, you get what you write on paper is not their true feelings. This means only one thing – all the negative will remain inside you. A paper sheet will be embellished words written is not clear for whom and why. Release from anxiety will not happen. You need it?

do Not try to get rid of all the misfortunes that have accumulated over your entire life. The task of the drain to blow off steam, get rid of the most acute and painful experiences, disturbing you at present. So, write until, until you feel that you will feel better and write more not want to.

Finish the written word "all", "enough" or any other word suitable for you, which is convenient to complete this work. And again tchernia sheet solid feature from edge to edge. This will close the space in which poured itself from emotional pain. br>

During this work do not lose-awareness and hold come to facilitate, not to stir up old wounds and resentments. (How to work with the acute emotional pain – RESENTMENT, read my articles on B17 https://www.b17.ru/my.php?mod=article). br>
Use your health and loved ones for the joy!

And, if you can't understand or have questions, please contact me for a consultation: https://www.b17.ru/privat.php?w=261572 br>

the Psychologist Irina Bulygina

Irina Bulygina
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