Как Приобрести Уверенность В Себе

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If You are reading this article, I dare to suggest that the desire to buy (or boost level), confidence in You is present. Ask a leading question and what it means for You "to be sure"? How do You know?

the Answer, of course, to each his own: someone will say that confidence is a feeling all of their actions are correct, for another it may mean to be good to others, or to speak in an even voice, not afraid to take the initiative and so on.

Imagine that it has already happened. How will You feel? What will you feel? That will do in the first place? In order to be sure you need to very clearly understand what it is. Otherwise, a huge energy from Your efforts can go nowhere.

Take a sheet of paper, divide it into two columns, one to describe a quality, self-confident, and the other not sure. This will help You as clear as possible, what You need to gain confidence. What You need to be? Smarter? Kinder? More attentive? More beautiful?

I understand that it's hard to analyze yourself, and much easier to explore the sites for "training" feelings of confidence, however, did not understand yourself, it might be a waste of time, effort, and sometimes money. Start with self-awareness. It is half the battle, I assure You.

in Advance I want to warn You – when a person is something radically changes in his behavior, it not only brings good fruit, but too bad. Becoming more confident, You may often have to get into a conflict situation, and some of Your buddies may well not be ready to communicate with You "new" if they liked Yours, for example, the previous shyness, now they can move away from You. You have to understand it, and before determining You want to become more confident or not, think about the consequences. Because Your internal state will be reflected on Your behavior.

Listing on a sheet of paper what You are missing in order to become confident (development of attention, memory, changing hair length, ultramega suit and so on), think of what You want yourself to stimulate to promote to the target? Than to reward for even small, but in the right direction?

now, imagine that three years have passed – You are a confident person. What's going on in Your life? Like?

I have attached to his article are several techniques for training of self-confidence. But just want to say that if You will be pointless to perform them, and not analyzing the situation, their effectiveness will drop sharply. Understand, no one can help a person change, except himself. Even the smartest person on Earth can just send the right way. Do you a Wise man, and no one better than You knows what You need.


  1. Get a notebook in which You praise yourself. Every time before you go to bed write down 3-5 of Your actions that You are proud of, made today. It is clear that it will not be heroic acts (out of the fire no one to pull out is not necessary, without special training, it may end in tears!). Praise yourself, for example, that cooked a delicious dinner, washed the linen, signed a contract, wrote verse, and so on.
  2. Read the article "how to learn to love yourself" (http://psihologijaonlajn.com/2013/01/14/kak-nauchitsja-sebja-ljubit/). Very important-making yourself, your uniqueness and originality.
  3. Use the "Active Sleep!". Before bed 5-10 minutes think about what you really afraid of? This is to ensure that during sleep, You replay all your feelings and get rid of them!
  4. Waking up in the morning, be sure to think about your strengths, what You have achieved in life, how many obstacles You have overcome.
  5. Try to talk with those who are close to You, about their experiences. Verbalize your fears, You get rid of them.

Wish You luck! Don't be afraid of change! They are the best!!!

Article taken from my website http://psihologijaonlajn.com

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